Jolly Roger – 100% Achievements & Ending Walkthrough

100% achievement and ending guide for Jolly Roger.

Achievements & Ending Walkthrough Guide

Here’s some things you may want to keep in mind before you get into the game:

This game can be done in a single playthrough. It is a very short game. Unlike my idea there will not be step-by-step “routes” for this guide.

I strongly recommend you save at EVERY option. Purely because it’s a little easier to get all the achievements, and each “end” happens with every choice (You can save with right click.).

This is a very short game, and therefore a woefully short guide. But I’m very aware that some people will only buy visual novels with a guide available in first.


  • Disclose that I’m a doctor – unlocks “Met An Early Death”


  • Go Get ’em! – unlocks “First Meeting”


  • Confirm that he’s right – unlocks “A Bittersweet Ending”


  • Say Nothing -> Then DON’T press A, W, D or X “Even the Best Laid Plans”


  • Press all the quick times – “A Perfect Story” + “The Perfect End”

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