S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl – Endings Explained (How to Get Them)

Here are seven S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl endings in total: two true and five false.

True Endings

(1) Destruction of the C-Consciousness

Condition- Refuse to join the C-Consciousness, go through CNPP 2

Description – Strelok enters the room with the capsules. He ♥♥♥ his assault rifle, looks around, starts shooting at them. After that, he finds himself in a field, lies down on the grass and begins to reason. Then he starts to fall asleep. A dragonfly flies off the grass – a symbol of clean ecology.

(2) Joining the C-Consciousness

Condition – Agree to join the C-Consciousness.

Description – Strelok lies down in the capsule, the equipment is connected to him, the capsule is closed. Then there is a scene where the Doctor, turning to Bars, says that he feels that the Strelok is alive, and he could not die so easily.

False Endings

(1) Rule the world

Condition – Kill Voronin and Lukash faction leaders and have less than 50000 RU on you

Description – Strelok’s soul goes into the Monolith, after which the empty SEVA suit falls to the ground.

(2) Riches

Condition – More than 50,000 rubles and at least one of the leaders – Voronin or Lukash – of the clan is alive.

Description – Strelok wants to be rich. Nuts and bolts start to fall from the ceiling. Strelok, deceived by the Monolith, sees that these are gold coins. In a fit of happiness, he laughs. At this moment, iron beams held by these bolts fall on him. In the next frame, you can see the limp twitching hand of Strelok from under the rubble, in his hand is a nut.

(3) Immortality

Condition -Neutral reputation, many first-aid kits and artifacts spent on health, one of the faction leaders is alive, the money is less than 50,000.

Description – Strelok transforms into a silver statue. Thus, the Monolith implies eternity, that is, immortality.

(4) Destruction of humanity

Condition – Bad reputation, one of the faction leaders is alive, the money is less than 50,000.

Description – Strelok sees intermittent visions, then he remains standing in the dark. He’s obviously going crazy.

(5) Disappearance of the Zone

Condition – Good reputation, one of the faction leaders is alive, the money is less than 50,000

Description – Strelok imagines a beautiful world, in bliss he closes his eyes, and when he opens them, he no longer sees anything. It becomes clear from the white eyes that the Strelok is blind.

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