Sacred 2 Gold – Playing on Steam Deck

Guide to setting up the game on the Steam Deck.

Fix Game Crash After Startup

To fix this issue first of all you have to switch to the Desktop mode, open the file explorer and navigate to:

~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Sacred 2 Gold/redist/PhysX/

There you will find the following file:


Copy (or cut) it and paste it one folder above into the following location:

~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Sacred 2 Gold/redist/

Now you can exit the Desktop mode into Steam mode again and start the game as usual.

Yey the game starts fine now!

Now just follow the PhysX install wizard and afterwards you’ll experience a black screen for some time – just wait it out – the game is currently starting.

Now you should have arrived in the main menu of the game.

Better Controller Layout

The game is hardly playable using the default controller layout because it is mostly a game controlled using the mouse.

So i created a (in my opinion) okay(ish) custom controller layout which you can find under the “Community Layouts” section. Look for a community layout for the Steam Deck by SUBHUMAN.

You mainly control the game (mouse) using the right trackpad. I mapped left click to the right trigger and right click to the left trigger. Pressing the right trackpad enlarges the minimap.

I added virtual menus to switch combat arts (right stick) and weapon sets (left stick).

  • L1: Space key (health potion)
  • L2: Right click
  • R1: Saves game
  • R2: Left click
  • X or DPAD left: Opens inventory
  • B or DPAD right: Opens combat arts menu
  • Y: Calls your mount
  • A: Pick up everything aroung yourself
  • Small “windows” button (the one on the left): Opens world map
  • Menu key: Opens main menu
  • DPAD up: Summons carrier imp
  • DPAD down: Uses your chosen god’s power

Moving your finger over the left trackpad from top to bottom (or vis versa) controls the zoom.

I also recommend the following settings (under “Gameplay” in the options menu):

  • Follow Camera off
  • Camera Collision on
  • Automatic Zoom Curve on

These settings make the game (in my opinion) relatively convenient and enjoyable to play.

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