SCP: The Foundation – Beginners Guide

This Guide will aim to explain How to beat the game, give some tips against mtf, scp-106, scp-173 and 914 crafting recipes.

Beating The Game

Note: Credit goes to Noke

So once you finished listening to the speech or just skipped it, you can find a level 2 keycard on a chair on the stage.(It is the third chair from the right).

After you collected this card choose a random section from A, B or C. The map is randomly generated so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Tips with SCP-173

If you hear him don’t look behind you, he doesn’t ever attack unless you have seen him.(this also counts if you only a small part of his body, so check corners because when you walk through you might barely see his arm and usually you also have to be in the same room for it to register as you looking at it.)

As weird as it sounds don’t close or gates like at 914, because 173 has magical abilities to go through doors and unlike in containment breach you have to look at the door to open it.

If you have looked at him then don’t blink and just put a closed door between you and 173 then just go on exploring, if needed you can keep your eyes open longer if you strain them with “V” but if you let it go you instantly blink or when you can’t strain your eyes any longer. I suggest letting your blink timer get as low as possible and only then starting to strain your eyes.

Tips with MTF

Don’t shoot MTF guns are pretty useless in the game and a waste of time, just collect a bunch of bandages in the D-class cells.

Also MTF are blind they don’t see you unless you are right in in front of them in their line of sight, if they spotted you they will try to follow you for about one room. Just run away.

You can stand right beside them and they wont notice you, use this as an advantage to get past them.

Tips with 106

Honestly 106 is your worst nightmare in this game, when you walk through a room with black goo in it there is a chance 106 will show up through it. Only tips i can give is either try to tesla gate him.(he does not walk through corridors he will walk a straight line towards you, that can be through walls).

An other option is you keep running away, if you run long enough he will stop chasing you (this takes a very long time).

So now back to the game

Once you got the level 2 key card and went into a section keep going around until you find 914 or if it is not in that section go to another one until you find it and if that fails go to the last section to find it. (If you saw a gate memorize where it was and how to get there).

Once you get to 914 drop your card in it and upgrade it to a level 5 key card. (DON’T ACTIVATE IT AND GO INSIDE, YOU WILL DIE).

The Upgrade Process

  • Level 2 Keycard > Very Fine > Level 4 Keycard
  • Level 4 > Very Fine > Level 5 Keycard

Now that you upgraded your card just go to the nearest gate and open it and leave.

The 914 crafting Recipes section will have some useful items in there so go check that out as well.

914 Crafting Recipes

Here is a list of Crafting recipes that I tested. Any item that is not on the list, I either have not tested or 914 doesn’t affect it, but anyways here is some crafting recipes for you lazy people who don’t want to figure it our yourselves.

Guest Keycard > Very Fine > Level 2 Keycard
> Fine > Playing Card
> 1:1 > Guest Keycard
> Coarse > Credit Card
> Rough > Level 1 Keycard

Level 1 Keycard > Very Fine > White Keycard
> Fine > Guest Keycard
> 1:1 > Level 1
> Coarse > Level 2
> Rough > Credit Card

Level 2 Keycard > Very Fine > Level 4 Keycard
> Fine > VIP Keycard
> 1:1 > Level 2 Keycard
> Coarse > Tech Keycard
> Rough > Playing card

Level 3 Keycard > Very Fine > Level 1 Keycard
> Fine > Level 2 Keycard
> 1:1 > Level 3 Keycard
> Coarse > Playing Card
> Rough > Destroys the item

Level 4 Keycard > Very Fine > Level 5 Keycard
> Fine > Tech Keycard
> 1:1 > Level 4 Keycard
> Coarse > Credit Card
> Rough > VIP Keycard

Level 5 Keycard > Very Fine > Thaum Keycard
> Fine > Quantum Keycard
> 1:1 > Level 5 Keycard
> Coarse > Director Keycard/Black Card
> Rough > Playing Card

Apple > Very Fine > Super Apple(+5 health, +50 stamina, +30 hunger, +10 thirst)
> Fine > Destroyed
> 1:1 > Apple
> Coarse > Cloth Backpack(+5 inventory slots)
> Rough > Water Bottle

Beans > Very Fine > Stone
> Fine > Speed Beans(+10 health, +100 stamina, +80 hunger, +20 thrist)
> 1:1 > Beans
> Coarse > Apple
> Rough > Dirty Water(-10 Health, -50 stamina, -20 hunger, -80 thirst)

Water > Very Fine > Nectar of Gods(+20 health, +100 stamina, +30 hunger, +90 thirst)
> Fine > Destroyed
> 1:1 > Water
> Coarse > Dirty Water(-10 Health, -50 stamina, -20 hunger, -80 thirst)
> Rough > Lether Backpack(+20 inventory slots)


  • Director and black keycard is the same card it just has two names.
  • Quantum, Thaum, Director/Black keycards can all open gates.
  • I think they might be able to open even the 093 mirror portal, but I have not tested that yet.
  • White, Quantum, Director/Black, Thaum, Tech, VIP, Credit, Playing cards are dead ends if you get one you cannot upgrade it or downgrade it, it is forever going to be that card.
  • Stone, Bandages, Cloth backpack and Leather backpack is also a dead end.
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