Second Extinction – Dino Threat Levels V2

An updated and better guide to update and replace my previous guide on the subject.

Threat Level and How It Works

Threat level is defined by the 3 tier meter displayed in the map screen. It is a rough determination of the difficulty in a region. Emergence Events have their own icon and form on the map when a tier 3 region progresses. Emergence Events apply modifiers to the region, some of which may be beneficial. As of current the only one I’ve seen just adds makes a Rex spawn in each possible spawn area rather than just 1.

Threat Level 1:

Easy difficulty.

50 second Dropship Timer.

Medium Dinos won’t naturally spawn, but can from mission and extraction related events. (For instance Vestige will spawn a Rex in the den regardless of what region you are in, and Homebound Hangars and Relay Defense will still spawn Flatbacks.)

Lowest pack size, rarely having Alpha raptors.

Packs spawn a good distance from each other so combat is normally spaced out in skirmishes.

Low respawn rate means areas will stay clear for a while.

T1 objective spawns.

Common (gray) Loot Drops

Threat Level 2:

Intermediate Difficulty.

80 second Dropship Timer.

Medium Dinos will spawn both in preallocated areas as well as randomly, albeit rarely.

Medium pack size, with Alpha Raptors being fairly common alongside a few Acid Raptors.

Packs still spawn a good distance from each other, though scouts at the edges can aggro off of each other or loud noises.

Still pretty low respawn rate, it’s only noticeable if you are regularly backtracking or spending a while in an area.

T2 objective spawns.

Common and Rare (green) Loot Drops.

Threat Level 3:

Intermediate + difficulty.

No Extraction or Insertion options.

Universal objectives have gunk to bust off of them.

Medium Dinos have increased spawn rates.

Packs normally consist of an Alpha or Watcher, 2-3 Acids, and a number of Vanilla Raptors. Electric raptors are also pretty common.

Packs maintain a close proximity, so getting flanked or swarmed by multiple packs is pretty normal in in these areas.

Med- High respawn rate means that you may have to clear respawns just waiting on equipment drops.

T3 objective spawns.

Rexs will regularly spawn once in each T3 region, although mission objectives may cancel the spawns. (For instance Vestige will either prevent or take the spawn slot if it is in a T3 Region. Not sure which but the end result is the same.)

Common, Rare, and Pristine (Blue) Lot Drops

As of current there is no actual “Hard” mode. I can very confidently take on an entire map solo, and was sorely disappointed to find that the Gas Canister objective did not spawn multiple Rexs at stage 8. Stage 6 fighting a pair of Flatbacks was more of a challenge solo than a Rex. So long as you are kitted out with an ammo drop and know how to dodge: you can literally solo a Rex in an Infestation objective while juking a Bull on the side (speaking from experience). Solo missions just take around 2 hours to complete the map; so if you want efficiency you have to be in a team.

War Effort

Periodically, there will be a mapwide alteration in Dino activity. Regions that have been hit hard by the community will drop threat, whereas areas avoided by the community will raise in threat. Your contribution is displayed in the post game lobby after every extraction. Your contribution is weighed based on how many Science Points you earn in that region – so completely clearing a region does not necessarily mean that you will earn a ‘Major Victory’ in that region.

This also means that you may wind up contributing to a T3 Region more than a T1 region despite spending less time there.

Overall, the Dino threat level is mainly a measurement of how much you will be shooting in that area. If you perform with confidence and can quickly learn attack patterns you can take pretty much anything on your own. There is not so much a ‘more difficult’ category as a ‘more tediously mulching adds” one; so don’t be scared about how much the game and community hype up T3 regions and Rexs.

Emergence Events

  • Tyranno-Furious
  • 2 Rexs spawn in the area.

Objectives and Point Scores

Dino Catagories

Point Values for kills are listed off to the side. If the group is homogeneous the point value is to the side of the header.


  • Vanilla Raptors +1
  • Acid Raptors +2
  • Electric Raptors +2
  • Diggers +2
  • Watchers +3
  • Alpha Raptors +4

There’s a lot of confusion on whether or not Alpha Raptors are Medium Dinos. Seeing as they spawn so regularly compared to Bulls and Flatbacks, have such low health, and I’ve never seen Mediums naturally spawn in T1 areas – I would wager that they aren’t Medium Dinos.

Medium +6

  • Flatback
  • Bull
  • Armored Bull

Large +20

  • Rex

Mission Categories


  • Supplies (Small) +15
  • Supplies (Large) +30
  • Relay +20
  • Camp +20
  • Drone +20
  • Tier 1 +30
  • Raptor Traps
  • Egg Hunt

Tier 2 +50

  • Hollow
  • Carrier Repair

Tier 3 +60

  • Burrower Infestation
  • Black Box
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