SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions – Walkthrough


You will start off by having to massage Asuka’s hands. You can move the left button with WASD and the other with IJKL. Go over either of the 5 fingers or the palm of the hand. Hold left mouse to massage and see if she likes it. If she likes it you will see positive dialogue + blush on her face starts to appear. When Asuka has hint bubbles when touching her fingers, a new outfit will show as a black silhouette. This is useful if you need to find a certain outfit.

Use the following finger after you collected all outfits, as it should always be the good finger:

After this you get the body touch part. We have to click multiple times on 1 part, every part will have a different color. For one of the achievements we need to collect 5 different colored crystals. To do this you have to find 1 color on the girl, and keep clicking it until it unlocks the “Glorious Reflexology”. You will need to massage 5 separate times to fill the crystal, so to unlock the achievement you have to massage 5×5 times to get each color crystal. By pressing E and using WASD you can turn the girl around to find more spots.

You can mix colors and still get the color you need, but you have to be careful. It is fine to go purple + blue + purple + blue + blue and end up with blue. Having the majority of 1 color is most important.

During the Glorious Reflexology you have to massage the girl with an object. When you reach the heart, you can press enter to stop the mini-game.

There are 4 different objects you can use on the girl, they unlock after completing crystals. You can select them here:

After filling two crystals you will unlock the possibility to skip. We suggest using that to go faster.

You have to massage the girl 5 times with 1 color, to fill the crystal with said color, here we went for blue:

This will unlock a part of the picture:

While hand massaging the girl, click Tab to see your crystal color progress, here we only needed a blue crystal:

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