Warframe – Umbra Saryn Prime Best Build

In this guide, got for you guys 1 build here. A pretty obvious one, where you use your spores and Miasma/Molt/Toxic Lash to help spread spores faster. I mainly use Miasma though so this build is made mainly for that but works with the other 2.

What You Need

Umbral Mods and 1 Arcane Energize.

The Chill Nuke Build

This build is mainly for ESO because if you look at my other Warframe nuke builds, most of the time you are doing defense fissures at lvls 5-50. Most Nuke Builds of mine can kill faster than Saryn can a bit. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this for defense as well! use spores then use Miasma or Molt. Toxic Lash to increase damage, but that gets covered by Miasma.

The Video Showcase

This video explains the reasons behind my mods as well as a playstyle I use for ESO only. Obvious You use spores and Miasma instantly in other missions.

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