Sense of The Devil – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough

A guide to get an easy 100% + walkthrough.

Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Achievements + Walkthrough

There are 1011 achievements from this game to be had and it’s really easy.


  • W = Forward
  • A = Left
  • S = Back
  • D = Right
  • Space Bar = JUMP
  • E = pick up weapons / Use
  • Left mouse button = Fire
  • Right mouse button = Zoom
  • R = Reload
  • Left Control = Crouch
  • Left Shift = Sprint
  • Mouse wheel = change weapons
  • Start Game Select single player then campaign this will take you to a tutorial pick up any weapon then go to the green glowing shed behind you press E on the door to start (2nd image below).
  • Your enemies appear as red triangles on the screen (compass top left of screen image below) also killed enemies drop health and ammo pick them up.
  • Try to hit the enemies in the head as much as you can then and watch the achievements pop I had 170 achievements before I even killed the spider boss. Be aware that all bosses run if you don’t kill them straight away and then you have to chase them.
  • Rinse and repeat the above steps till all achievements popped.
Created by I Die A Lot

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