Capsule – Official Walkthrough Guide

This is the official walkthrough for Capsule VR.


Backup Power

We can go ahead and take care of this one first. Go into the storage room and you will see a metal door to the right of the shelf with the safe on it. Open that door and inside you will see a propane generator. First make sure to turn the gas line on. There is a red handle on the pipe on the wall, click that and you will hear gas flow into the line to confirm that the valve is open. After that grab the green handle on the generator and pull, it may take a couple of times to crank.

Once the generator is running, head back out into the storage room. On the shelf in front you will be a small cylindrical object with a green cap and copper threads. This is a fuse, take that fuse into the small room with the batteries and place it in the blank space in the green fuse box on the wall. You’ll know that everything is on if all the lights are green.

The Four Blocks

Block A

To get this block go into the bathroom and grab the key on the shelf to the left. Use this key on the desk in the living room, Inside you will find Block A and a 5.25″ floppy disc. Set both to the side for now.

Block B

Block B can be found in the utility room on a workbench locked in a table clamp. Wired to the clamp is an array of switches. Configuring these switches properly will release the block. There are two ways to find this solution. One is to check the whiteboard in the living room. There will be a randomly generated number on the upper left corner of this board. That number, if converted to binary, will correspond to the state that the 8 switches need to be in. An arguably easier but less straightforward alternative is to use the slide projector. To do this, look in the nightstand drawer in the bedroom, the small square object inside is a 35 mm film slide, take that into the room with the workbench, and insert it into the device on the shelf in that room. This device is the slide projector.

Now go into the storage room, and on the shelf right in front of the small electrical room there is a small bulb. Take that bulb and also insert that into the slide projector. The film slide and bulb can be inserted in either order. Once both of these are done the projector will project the binary code onto the wall. In places where there is a 1, flip the corresponding switch on the workbench, a red light will confirm this. In places where there is a 0, leave that switch off. Once the block is released take it into the living room and find a convenient place to put it.

Block C

This block is very straightforward. On a low shelf on the workbench there is a notepad tucked away. Pick it up and I would recommend just carrying it to the bedroom. Approach the locker there until the combination lock controls spawn. The solution to this lock is simply the product of the two random numbers on that notepad. Use the green arrows above and below each tumbler on the lock to turn them and set the combination, as soon as the combination is correct, the lock will open.

Block D

Block D can be found in the generator room. If you haven’t been there yet. It is beyond the door in the storage room to the right of the safe. You will noticed that this one is wrapped in paper. Go ahead and take it with you in one hand and go back out to the storage room. You’ll want to grab any one of the orange and white cans of butane on the shelf. Take the butane and block to the kitchen counter in the living room. Place the butane in the side compartment of the burner, and once it closes press and hold the knob until the burner ignites. Now simply set the paper wrapped block on fire. If you don’t drop it, it will drop automatically once it sets on fire. Once it cools, you can pick it up and you should now have all four blocks available.

The Robot

Once you have all four blocks, they need to be placed in the slots in front of the robot in the correct order. Look on the radio to the left and pick up the manual. On the underside there is a cheat sheet for A, B, C and D in morse code. If you press any of the small red buttons on each slot it will play a morse code sequence that corresponds to the block that needs to be placed there. Using the cheat sheet, place the blocks in the correct order. After this is done, go ahead and insert that floppy disc into the disc drive of the computer if you haven’t done so already. After it finishes loading, press the large red button next to the robot. If the blocks are correct, the robot will rearrange them into A B C D order, and once this sequence is done you will see a 4 digit number. Make note of this.

The Safe and Exit

Now, take that 4 digit number revealed by the robot sequence and enter it into the safe. To use the safe walk up to it and a large version of the keypad will spawn, simply hover over a key and click the trigger to enter a number, the display on the safe will verify this. If you make a mistake the red button clears it. And don’t forget to hit the green button to confirm the code once it is entered. Inside the safe you will find another key and some 12 gauge flare gun cartridges. If you have not turned the backup power on for the fourth circuit go back to the first section and do that real quick. If that’s been done, go look on one of the shelves behind you and grab the orange flare gun.

When you pick it up, the barrel will open automatically. Put any one of the flares into the barrel. When the barrel closes and the gun disappears, that means it is loaded and holstered. Now take the key with you to the metal rad lock door. Press the red button next to door and wait for it to open fully. Enter the rad lock and place the key into the most distant button. Observing the warning sign in front of you, close the open door by pressing the right button.

Once it is fully closed, the other door will now be able to open, do this by pressing the red button to the left. Once outside, go to the marked spot on the shore next to the dock. If you have the flare gun loaded and holstered, moving to this spot will lock your position and attach the gun to your hand. Simply point the gun straight up and pull the trigger. This will call the helicopter and trigger the credits.

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