Shadow Warrior – How to Defeat Mezu and Other Bosses

Mezu & Other bosses for that matter can be summed up to a couple of big attacks and too much damage on higher difficulties.

Guide to Defeat Mezu and Other Bosses

The Horseman Cometh

The best strategy I have to offer for the sake of getting the game done most efficiently.

The hardest part of the boss fight is the 1st and 3rd phases of it. In preparation you’ll need a few things:

  1. Cross bow with at least the charge shot upgrade.
  2. PDW submachine-gun with max upgrades.
  3. And a can do attitude.

The best approach to this boss is to shoot the weak points with charged crossbow shots. Those should count for a single bit of damage on the armor. After they’re downed pull up with the PDW’s unfortunately here is where you need to rely on your own aim to take out the crystals.

Stage 2 isn’t all the difficult since you just open gates then shoot his wings, and Mezu and Xing are the only two who have a suer unique phase 2 Gozu just kind of gets folded, so don’t really stress over him.

In addition! When you first meet Xing on chapter 17 you can pre-damage his crystals before the final fight. Simply don’t destroy the crystals until you’ve injured them all, and I recommend destroying the left-side (His right) of his torso first since that’s the most difficult side to actually hit.

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