Ship of Fools – Quick Character Unlock Guide

Just a quick look up how to unlock everyone.

How to Unlock Every Character

Note: Credit goes to Zero Grim


This is just a quick look up tool for anyone stuck on a character I made when I couldn’t find one, I think the info is accurate, enjoy.

  • Todd: Faster paddle [Starts unlocked].
  • Hink: AOE critical hits [Starts unlocked].
  • Finley: Rewards on repair [Trade a plank at the act 1 post boss pool].
  • Gill: Gain harpoons when hitting with harpoons [Found in a crate].
  • Shelbie: Empowers cannons they load [Finish an encounter without firing a cannon, Auto cannons also count].
  • Lotte: Cannons reload ammo [Finish a zone without getting hit] (pretty sure this is just beat a zone without letting the boat take damage, don’t know if armour counts)
  • Krillstoph: two hit paddle combo [Found in pick a door].
  • Quill: Damage scales based on consecutive hits [Beat the game].
  • Betty: Get raged on hit [get hit or stunned 50? times] (it could be slightly more).
  • Cluck: generate eggs over time [Use one of every type of egg across all play throughs].
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