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Goblin Fight Tips

I thought I might write a few tips about the goblin fight. I used to be hella scared of that fight (lost so many streaks), but nowadays I seem to do very well (I don’t think I’ve lost any of the last 30+ goblin fights I’ve had, even when fooling around…)

Here are my gameplay tips:

  1. Remember that goblins are pretty much wolves (low offense) before any enemies die
  2. Pre-fight, think about if you can safely create a set-up where you kill all goblins on the same turn (e.g. with aoe, rampage, growth, basically some sort of busted combo)… so that you will never have to face an angry goblin
  3. If you do have to kill goblins over multiple turns, see if you can leave goblins alive that won’t be shielded, or if they will be shielded have some alternative plan for dealing with them next turn (e.g. execute, zap, stun). Don’t forget about wisp shielding
  4. Alternatively, forget the above and see if you can safely create a set-up where you cannot die in future turns even with angry goblins (e.g. with massive regen / bonus max hp)
  5. If facing snakes cleanse helps, obviously
  6. If facing wisps, know the rules for how many monsters fit on the screen. On occasion, all the wisps collectively do very little (e.g. summoning when the board is full, or mass healing with nobody damaged)
  7. Poison can kill goblins after their attacks so other goblins aren’t engaged
  8. I think lower goblins might be more dangerous since they’ll eliminate somebody that’s more dead. So if you don’t have undying and want to damage a goblin without killing it the lower ones might be a better target
  9. As a reference point, ~85% of my goblin fights these days I play defensively (trying to create the board states described above, without killing anything, so the goblins remain like peaceful wolves)
  10. The other 15% I play very offensively, since I just have an offensive team (e.g. Ludus, brawler, warden, vampire, caldera) or don’t have the right counters (e.g. cleanseless vs goblin-snake). If I were playing optimally I think a lot more fights would be offensive, but for personal preference as of late I like taking this fight defensively, it’s kinda nice how things usually don’t get messy if goblins don’t get angry


If you’re having trouble with goblins, maybe try not killing anything, pretend there are no threats (like the hexia fight), then see if you can set up a board state where you either steamroll all goblins simultaneously or live forever.

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