Slice & Dice – Items Guide (Tier 0)

Tier 0: Item Guide

By Leonbard!

First of all, let’s get the ones out of the way, that do absolutely nothing on their own: Bent spoon, Bent fork, and Void.

These are not completely useless however, because they count towards the “hoard” keyword, providing a +1 for the t5 item “trasure chest” (as well as every other item in the game) and they will be used as material for a higher tier item if you encounter an Anvil and get the “forge item” option.

Now off to the real list. These are in the order of the Slice & Dice almanach, so feel free to rearrange them alphabetically in a repost if it bother you.

Cyanide Pill (adds cantrip & death to the two rightmost sides):

Determination & Pentagram turns this item into a free “time stone” (adds cantrip to the two rightmost sides) for the first few turns, pretty good for quick battles

RorriM teckoP (copies the rightmost side onto the left one):

There are tons of uses for this, but the 2 most common ones would be 1. copying Eccentric’s “4damage” ‘descend’ side 2. pairing it with ballet shoes to reverse the reverse pocket mirror

Bond Certificate (+15 to all sides on turn 15):

Not too much to say here. I think I had one single moment in my ungodly hours of playtime, where this would’ve made a difference, but for cursed/blursed: just take the “cataclysm” blessing (wipes the enemy board after turn 7) instead if you wanna play super slow

Cracked Phylactery (-6 max hp, add self heal on the two leftmost sides):

Pairs well with wolf ears (set max hp to 6) and also goes well for statue if you have a longsword (replace middle column with “3 damage”). Pretty sure there’s much more to this item tho

Spell Hinder: (1 damage to an ally ‘weaken’)

The self damage can be used as a set up for the keywords “cruel” and “deathwish” and the “weaken” can be used to set up for “same in a row” combos like Ace’s “3 mana trio” side. It also triggers “Bolt” items (after a spell is cast, X effect)

Hidden Strength (Replace the bottom side with “10 damage to all enemies ‘mana-cost'”):

This just wins my personal “potential” award. Comps with “Seer” love this and if you have the “treasure-seeker” blessing (item value +1. Heroes can now hold 3 items), “Hidden Strength”+”Compass” (rotate sides)+”Eyepatch/Blindfold” (negates all keywords on the left side/all sides) becomes possible. If you don’t have, you could still make this work with a “polished emerald” (copies the effects of other heroes’ tier 0-3 items onto this hero). 

Flea (+1 to all sides with 0 pips):

You can use this to make things like “lucky” (+1 on the left side, -2 on the middle side) or “gambler’s ace” (+2 on the left side, -2 on all other sides) less punishing on miss.

False Idol (+1 max hp for every ‘z’ in the hero’s name):

Leather armor for wizard only, woooo yeaaa. Now let’s copy this with the “polished emerald” and copy that with an “emerald mirror”. BOOM max hp +1 for THREE heroes, who’s gonna stop you now?

Scissors (add ‘deathwish’ and ‘pain’ to the middle side):

Works well with the “middle-shield” blessing (and I’ll even explain what this one does: add ‘self shield’ to the middle side of all heroes). Otherwise I think it might be okay to put it on a lower pip side with a good keyword, like “1 damage ‘cleave'”, so it doesn’t kill the user every time.

Dull wit (replace mana and ‘mana gain’ sides with basic damage sides, retaining their value and other keywords):

Your best safe after “sharp wit” (same as “dull wit”, but triples the side values) if you’re playing custom with 5 blues and the 2 thorns on the field petrified your caldera. You can also use this if you’re up against a Banshee and you really don’t wanna take that 1 damage.

Trick deck (add ‘sept’ to the left side, multiplying it’s value by 7 after the last 6 sides had the same value as this):

Funny for cantrip comps with a lot of rerolls. For this, I like replacing Juggler’s left side, so he only has 1 pip cantrips left (you can also just use a Ninja instead), then have a Bard, some more heroes with alright 1 pips, like Fey and put the “Trick Deck” on Initiate for 7 mana.

Fly (add ‘growth’ and ‘decay’ to the middle side):

T2 hero “Myco”, T7 item “Mushroom” (add +1 and ‘decay’ to all sides) and cursed item “Mould” (add ‘decay’ to all sides) all like being paired with a Fly.

Dead Branch (replace the bottom side with “1 damage ‘single-use'”):

It’s better than having a blank side, I guess. Maybe I’m missing something, idk.

Spanner (Revert all changes to the top side):

Half-cancels “lead weight” (blanks the hero’s top and bottom side) and with another T0 item: Twiddle (switch the hero’s top and bottom sides) you can give Eccentric another “4 damage” side, for example. Also, there’s one more funny 3 item/”polished emerald” combo, that involves a “pauldron” (+2 top side, -2 bottom side), “twiddle” and the “spanner”. This copies the top side unto the bottom side with a +2

Cracked Emerald (copies the effects of other heroes T10 items onto this hero):

A reason to take 4xT0 random items, do challenges that drop a random T0 (if you’re sure to survive it), or kill chest mobs (again, if you’re sure to survive it) especially if you have blessings that increase item value. Unfortunately the anvil (item forge) doesn’t help, because it uses the emerald as material. Would be cool if I could choose to not use some items.

Fidget Spinner (replace middle side with “target hero can use their dice again ‘duplicate'”):

I think there’s not much outside of removing the keyword with a “blindfold” or a “pendulum”+”Eyepatch”. You can change some unwanted sides into this, but the only scenario I can think of, where you would rather have a fidget spinner as a middle side would be, if you’re up against spiker or some thorns and you want to prolong your Jugglers life.

Burred Shield (replace left side with “shield 5 ‘pain'”):

A good one. Cures Roulette’s suicidal tendencies, can be Eyepatched (if both cases happen at the same time PLEASE put ONLY the Eyepatch on Roulette xD). I like it

Corroded Bomb (replace right side with “1 damage to all allies and enemies ‘charged’ ‘mana-cost’:

I gotta say, I hate the intended use of this item, but what it does well is getting rid of a really annoying cursed item: the “D4” (replace right side with “1 self-damage” ‘cantrip). Rolling this really feels like stepping barefoot on a 4 sided die, so yea, nice reference.

Potion Shard (replace bottom side with “3 damage” ‘pain’ ‘drink’):

Idk, either safe it up for forging/the “treasure chest” item, or use it on the first boss. It might make a difference on Bramble if the curses make him too tanky and you have no way to poison

Extra Pocket (+1 item slot. Max 3):

Copy with “polished emerald”. Very minor effect, but I’d still rank it higher than “Dead Branch” if this was a tier list. I find it funny, that it becomes useless with the “treasure-seeker” blessing

Spell Mana (+1 mana ‘single-cast’):

Counts towards the spells cast, you can get closer to “leyline” (the third spell you cast each combat is free) without actually spending mana.

Also triggers bolt items.

Twiddle (switch top and bottom side):

See “Spanner”. I can’t think of anything I haven’t said there before.

Toy sword (replace rightmost side with “0 damage”):

“Ballet shoes”+”Toy Sword” on Roulette cures his depression once again (he’s a ballerina warrior now). Better than “Dead Branch”

Gambler’s Two (+1 on the rightmost side, -1 on all other sides):

Maybe on Eccentric if you really need 5 damage at once to two enemies next to each other. “Ballet shoes” make it a “Lucky” where 4 more sides siffer drawbacks. Not amazing, but +1 is +1.

Paper (add the keyword ‘nothing’ to the left side):

Everyone knows this.

Wooden Armor (+2 max hp, -1 on all sides):

Practically usable on anyone with items that replace sides, like “longsword”, or comps with spells that replace blank sides, where you just roll blanks on purpose.

Snake oil (add ‘engage’ to all basic heal sides):

Put this on “Shaman”, have either a hero with a damage side that has the ‘steel’ keyword and a “Blood Chalice” (converts wasted healing into shield) or just an ichor chalice (1 damage to the top most enemy for each wasted point of healing), roll what you need and the final boss is either half life or hexia and almost dead.

Cholesterol (+5 empty max hp, immune to healing):

The side use of “Scar” (+4 empty max hp without drawbacks) is Cholesterol’s main use: setting up for the ‘cruel’ keyword, but I think that’s all for this item. What can I sayyy except, “you’re better than Dead Branch”

Spell Betray (kill an ally for 2 mana):

I mean, it’s very bad, but you can put one or two “skull” items (+2/+4 mana on death, depending on the item) on the target, if you really need 2 more mana to end a round before “doom” wipes your team (8 damage to all allies after turn 8. Hits earlier on stronger variants). But usually I’d put skulls on Barbarian/Roulette/Ghast/maybeCurator and make their powerful dice instead of using 2 mana to help the enemies win xD. Still seeing more use than “Dead Branch” tho.

Rusty Longsword (replace the middle column with “1 damage”):

Can get rid of cursed items, “Wax Seal” (+1 for each identical side) removes the rust, turning it into “4 damage” 

Grass (replace all blank sides with “petrified blank”):

You got me, this is worse than “Dead Branch”. This is just purely deteimental on equip, it just gets your hero petrified faster, making them need stronger cleanses.

Peanut Shell (+1 empty max hp, must be equipped):

There’s nothing too big out of the obvious use here, so I’ll just leave a fun fact here: If you have more cursed items, (as in “must be equipped”) than your heroes can equip, then the game softlocks itself and the run is technically over. However, there are (at least in cursed/blursed mode, if I counted correctly) enough cursed items to fill 10 item slots (“Handcuffs” counting as two), so you would have to permanently lose someone to softlock yourself.

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