Sonic Generations – How to Play in Stereoscopic 3D with Google Cardboard

How to play Sonic Generations in 3D using Google Cardboard.

Guide to Play in Stereoscopic 3D with Google Cardboard

Items Required

  • Google Cardboard with head attachment.
  • Smart Phone that fits.
  • A Fast & Stable Wireless Internet Connection.
  • Steam Link – Android / IOS
  • A Controller hooked up to a PC or Paired with Steam Link
  • Sonic Generations


  • Playing & Configuring Sonic Generations
  • Experience with Steam Link

With the requirements & prerequisites out of the way, let’s get started on configuring Sonic Generations in Stereoscopic 3D using Google Cardboard.

Part 1 – Sonic Generations Setup

Open Sonic Generations and head to options and turn on Stereoscopic 3D, the game will be in side by side 3D when complete, after that close the game.

Options & Side by Side Preview

Part 2 – Google Cardboard Setup

First launch Steam link and Start Sonic Generations on your Smart Phone. Get past the start screen so its in Side by Side.

Lastly, place your phone inside your Google Cardboard and play Sonic Generations with a controller in stereoscopic 3D.

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