Spark the Electric Jester 3 – Getting on Top of the Lost Ravine!

A guide for those who hates invisible ceilings and wants to explore every inch of the game.

One-Wall Wall Jumping (Can Be Ignored)

Even if it is possible to do this task without this technique, it would be much better if you know it.

In this game you can climb to the top of every straight wall. To do this, you need to wall jump regularly, but smoothly turn your stick/press wasd from back to left/right to forward of the wall. It may need some training, that’s why you can skip this step, but wouldn’t be able to do some of the things I will mention.


To get on that upper part of the level you neccesarely need:

  • Reaper Jester
  • Cloud Dash (if you skipped the last section)

Unneccesary things, but would make your life easier:

  • Fark (just better version of Reaper)
  • Sfarx (for additional speed in the end)

Primary Steps!

To the left on the start there will be these two things, and you got to climb on the highest one.

Then select your Reaper or Fark and just dash towards that fake wall! Because of the different dashes of these guys you can somehow clip through this kind of walls, and we will impudently use that.

Then you’ll see this object, that has collisions for some reasons. Get on it.

Then, making sure you have full energy meter, if you’re gonna use Cloud Shot, climb the tower until it’s enough height for making the jump in front of the big blue arrow. Should look something like that:

The needed height is pretty hard to explain so you have to feel it yourself.

Enjoy your cliff!

Secondary Steps!

After what you’ve done, you can try to explore the cliff, but you will likely meet some impassable invisible walls, so your adventure won’t last too long.

However! There is also a way to climb on the invisible ceiling. I recommend you saving at least one energy meter for a cloud shot, but, again, there is a way to do all this without using energy.

After you’ve advanced enough, you’ll meet 3 large pillars. Float around them to the right and stick to the wall. Easiest way to climb the pillar is pick Sfarx and use Cloud Shot. Or you can try bumping into the wall and jumping immediately. Either way, then you have to use the technique from the beginning.

After enjoying the view, just jump forward.

The rest is up to you! You can even find out that certain walls are walkable and you don’t have to float endlessly.

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