SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – How XP Works (aka You Don’t Lose XP Using Summons)

How XP Works

So I’ve come to a point where my hero can solo almost anything (I’m playing artificer), but I always put him in a full stack of hireling (that are obsolete now since my hero just solo kill things).

This makes me wonder on how XP gain after combat works. I’ve done a little test by fighting the same mob stack with four different configurations, and the result are as follows:

  • Fighting with a hero + 5 hirelings: Combined XP gain among all units = 640
  • Fighting with a hero only: XP gain on the hero = 640
  • Fighting with a hero + 1 wisp: XP gain on the hero = 640
  • Fighting with a hero + 3 wisps: XP gain on the hero = 640

So, feel free to use those Fantastical units in your stack. Just put a normal unit / apprentice / hero in the stack and you won’t waste any XP.

Edit: Max-level (lv15) normal units still soak XP as if they’re not max-level.

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