Spyro Reignited Trilogy – Gameplay Tips for Noobs

Hints and Tips

Health: Sparx’s colour represents your health; gold is full followed by blue, green then gone. Kill critters like sheep, creating butterflies which your dragonfly will eat for health.

Tips for finding every Gem: Explore behind buildings, investigate corners, look down gaps, and use Sparx’s guidance in Reignited by clicking the left stick.

Gems can be hidden by the grass: Search through the long grass and caves in Reignited to find hidden Gems that may be obscured.

Turn on the Minimap: Enable the Minimap in the Pause menu to get a layout of the level and locate unexplored areas.

Learn how to master Gliding: Hold down the Jump button to jump higher and press Jump again at the peak for maximum Glide distance. Utilize the Drop move and use Spyro’s shadow to judge landing spots.

Use Charge Jumps to extend your Glides: Perform a Charge Jump before Gliding to increase the distance and height of your Glide.

Learn how to deal with Large and Armored Enemies: Small enemies can be attacked with Charge or Flame, large enemies have specific vulnerabilities, and Armored enemies require special methods to defeat.

Tips for opening Sealed Chests: Use nearby cannons, Fireworks, Supercharge, or Super Flame to break open Sealed Chests. Look around the level for these is always a way to beak open these Chests.

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