Cyberpunk 2077 – Tips for People Who Are Starting to Play

Here you will find tips that will help you get off to a good start in your game.

Useful Tips for Starting

  1. Differentiate your style of play

In cyberpunk, you can be a stealth assassin, a netrunner, or you can do everything out loud. You decide who you want to be in this city

  1. Concentrate on side tasks

Complete all side quests before completing the storyline to unlock the best possible ending to the game.

  1. Try to get along with Johnny

Try to be as nice as possible to Johnny because this way you can unlock the secret ending of the game. SPOILER – V in this ending I myself take over all of Arasaka.

  1. Don’t Ignore The NCPD Scanner Hustles

Don’t ignore NCPD tags, because they give a lot of money in a short time as well as interesting schemes.

  1. Explore the Night City

Explore Night City to discover different weapon schemes, clothing and cyber implants. You can explore NC on your own or use the interactive maps.

  1. Get the fastest possible access to the best cyber software

You can get Cyberware from any ripperdoc

  1. Choosing A Life Path

Choose a path of your past. Each path adds possible additional dialogues in missions where you can learn interesting information.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Choices

Choose dialogue options wisely, as they may affect other missions or block access to certain locations.

  1. Get your street cred

Get street cred as soon as possible, as it will unlock the ability to put on new implants and use new weapons.

  1. Use fast records often

Save the game as often as possible, as the game may crash, bug or crash the entire mission.

  1. Always use additional dialog options

Use additional dialogue options to learn usually interesting information or to see funny dialogues between characters.

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