STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic – Character Stuck and Unable to Move after a Battle Fix

In this tutorial I will show you how to fix your character being stuck after each fight.

Keep in mind that your character will freezes after a fight if you have a high frame rate in this game. So in this tutorial we are going to cap your FPS at 60 with Nvidia control Panel and the Screen refresh rate + screen resolution (Fix 1).

We are also going to test if enabling V-Sync in the Options fixes your issue (Because it will cap your frame rate at 60) (Fix 2).

Fix 1

For the first part of this tutorial we are going to edit a few settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

  • Right click on your desktop and open Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Select the “Manage 3D settings” task on the left (1)
  • Then select “Program Settings” (2)
  • Press “Add” (3) and search for your Kotor I .exe (4)
  • I’m using Kotor II for this example but it works exactly the same for Kotor I don’t worry.
  • Now scroll until you see the “Max Frame Rate” feature and select it
  • Click on “Use global setting” (1) and a new window should appear
  • Tick the “ON” button (2) and write 60 in the FPS box (3) and press “OK” (4)
  • Press Apply in the bottom right corner.
  • Launch Kotor I and in the Menu go in your Options – Graphics – Screen Resolution.
  • And pick a 60hz refresh rate instead of 75hz, 120hz, 144hz or 240hz.
  • Load your Kotor I save and test if with the new changes you still get stuck after each fight.
  • If everything works congratz you have fixed the problem 😀
  • If your character is still stuck after each battle follow the “FIX 2” tutorial below.

Fix 2

If you tried “FIX 1” and it didn’t work for you, we will now try FIX 2 to repair your problem.

  • Launch Kotor I and in your Options – Graphics – Advanced Options – Turn ON V-Sync.
  • Try testing in game if playing with V-Sync enabled fixes the stuck problem for you, If not try the same method but this time V-Sync disabled.
  • You can also force V-Sync ON or OFF in the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • If you made changes in the Nvidia Control Panel don’t forget to apply your changes (bottom right corner).

Fix 3

After a fight if you are stuck make a quick save and then quick load your recently created save to be able to move again. This can become really boring if you get stuck after each enemy but it works 100% of the time at least.

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