STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Some Lesser Known Things to Do

These Are Some Fun Things Not Everyone Knows

Keybind your companion attack so you can control the enemy’s attention/destruction. I keymapped my “V” to the companion toolbar little red/orange fist attack icon, so it’s how I start combat and if I need to divert death or distraction to a different enemy afterwards, I target that enemy and tap V and Khem or whomever goes sailing off to them and we’re shortly done with my enemies problem.

Even works if you use your comp as a healer all the time (although it’s not bad since their first response is usually to stun it, great for elites or other tough baddies) while you mop up the wimps and now have a lonely chad to explain their situation.

BioWare used to have special abilities for NexuCat and Akk Dog which after influence level 10, they would speak, or play dead (hopefully fixed in 7.1). Pretty fun while horsing around with friends.

The “Music Therapy Probe” resources regen rest toy heals the entire group while dancing with musical instruments playing and a laser light show disco effect.

The “Revan holostatue” is worth its weight in cartel coins since there’s a very short cooldown to bring him out to repair or sell anytime anywhere. Don’t do this where Soa can see it though, Soa gets mad and aggros the raid.

Your legacy unlocks are amazing and have fun little emotes to unlock as you level your legacy, such as /datapad /holocom /map /scangreen /scanred /weld /bionculars , and /doubleguns /doublelasers are all fun little things to do while waiting for someone to get back from AFK or click the mission thing or messing around on fleet.

Wanna go do a world boss fast? run to the Combat section of fleet, snag a heroic from that planet to avoid the need to be summoned, share with the ops group so they can get to the planet fast and free and quick travel near your target. The Heroic console is the poor player’s guild summon resource.

The legacy perk Priority Transport: Outlaw’s Den is something I get on every character and Priority Transport: personal starship too. Tatooine is used a LOT for many group missions and side missions for companions and monthly special events, and being able to yeet yourself to the starship at end of missions with this is a lovely quality of life hack.

Get Nar Shadaa stronghold for this calendar season event so you can yeet from anywhere and skeet to Shaddaa stronghold and scwhoop to the planet (moon?) in 2 clicks. It helps you do the special Fen Zeil character’s missions, turn in the rep items fast, get to the Feast of the Hutts event, do Nar Shaddaa world boss farms (aquatic pieces), the Nightlife event, the Macrobinoculars Shroud missions, half the Smuggler story missions, farm those syndicate plans, the Datacrons… ok Nar Shaddaa may be even more popular than Tatooine.

Get and unlock as many small but useful strongholds to get your conquest percentage to +150%. It’s worth the credits, since you spend less time to get credits rewards. Great investment.

The best healing companion is Z0-0M (Sorry what they did to you, Treek). The best damage is Shae Vizla (Sorry HK-51 what they did to ya), otherwise pick a double-guns or dual-saber for damage like Temple or Vette or Master Ranos. The best tank used to be Doctor Eckard Lokin but they may have fixed his infinite leaping, now I frequently use Shae or Ranos for tanking fun. The special companions from the Calendar event like Altuur, Fen or Arcann or Lana are also great for any role.

It was pointed out in this subreddit earlier that Treasure Hunting lockbox grade 11 missions drop the new currencies for the new expansion armor upgrades frequently, while the Slicing lockboxes do not.

Many of the companion customizations are amazing and should not be slept on.

There are many, many amazing dyes recipes schematics to get from reputation vendors for events and dailies planets which you can craft and then sell the dyes from for GTN credits. I wish they had signature crystals, too.

Oricon has a rare spawn “Harbinger of Fear” which waits on the lava bridge near the central tower. It’s normally named “Acolyte of Fear” but once out of 50 or so respawns, it’s the Harbinger and drops a unique legacy-bound Vampire Cowl that looks like big mousey ears but colors nicely called the Hallowed Gothic Cowl Headgear thing. It does complete the Gothic armor from Oricon nicely.

Buying the black-green crystals from the vendor using Rak DNA canisters to sell on the GTN will net you some nice credits and they look amazing to use.

Czerka 198 has a rare drop too, a rare vehicle which drops from mr Dessler himself, should they spawn, take them down and reap the reward (only seems to show up 1 out of 1000 spawns, so this takes a day with friends to get).

In PVP with objectives, go for “their side” first, to capture it or at least stall them while you get yours. Be the guy you hate to see!

In PVE heroics, you get more credits the bigger your heroics group as long as you all hang around and do the bonuses. The credits/XP multiplier is however many you have in group. 1 for solo, x2 for two, up to four. They go faster and you can all just hammer out the fastest ones that have bonuses for the big bucks/XP. They also can give aquatic currency for endgame armor.

Use the cartel coins from the calendar event on around 3 servers to save up for that nice armor/mount/weapon/widget or unlock all the things in collections. Many of the calendar objectives don’t take long, and getting any weeks is better than no weeks on a different server. 🙂

Always be sending companions to get lockboxes and white materials. Crafting is good. Be the Forge.

Check and see what achievements give the easier cartel coins, and get them on 2 other servers as well as they cartel coins are account-wide.

Complete the conquest 100k on as many characters as you can, to get max rewards and help guilds out. Be the Forge!

Nerf Hurter and Nerf Herder are both funny titles, as are Worm Food and Scare Bear, all worth getting as is Meatbag, and Honorary Meatbag. Honorary Admiral is great, too.

Star Fortresses have amazing rewards items and pay out very nice conquest rewards, as well as drop decorations frequently.

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