State of Decay 2 – General Tips for Newbies (Lethal Zone)

The thing with Lethal zone is that it becomes a stealth game. The more noise you make the worse it’s going to get for you.

General Tips

  • The difficulty ramps up fast as your survivors gain standing (Recruit -> Citizen -> Hero). You can defeat this by avoiding things that earn them standing in the early game. On most of my play throughs I don’t even turn in my first bag of materials (the first quest) until I’ve looted nearly the whole starting area.
  • Don’t get caught without a car. If you’re 500m away from your ride and you accidentally run into a pack of blood ferals (or worse) you’re done. Repair kits and fuel are really important.
  • Get a survivor with Computers, capture a Cell Tower outpost, and activate the Plague Disruptor when you need to work in an area controlled by plague hearts. It lasts for about an hour, so it’s plenty of time to get in there and get some stuff done without waking up any plague hearts.
  • Never melee a Juggernaut. It’s best to avoid them, but if you have to deal with one the safest way is to use your car to kill it (ram it in reverse, drive forward, repeat).
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