Stationeers – Addgas Command Overview

This Guide will cover the “addgas” command as detailed as i can get it.


So what is this command for? Well to add gas to a Network, a Thing (Canister, Tank, etc.) or a Room.


This command has 4 arguments (3 obligatory, 1 optional).

  • addgas Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 {Arg4}

Arg1 is the Name of the Gas to add:

  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • CarbonDioxide
  • Volatiles
  • Pollutant
  • Water (not a Gas anymore, will be handled like a Liquid)
  • NitrousOxide

Arg2 is the ID of the Network, Thing or Room to add the Gas to:

In the Screenshot below you can see the NetworkID’s of the Pipes and Devices in the Room. The Small Tank on the left for example has the Reference ID 4431 and the Thing ID 4430. Both ID’s will work.

This also works with Canisters, in this case it’s 4672 or 4671. Again both will work.

To get the ID’s you can use either the AuthTool (via Spawn Menu) or the command atmos:

  • atmos pipe <- Toggles the visualization of Pipes
  • atmos thing <- Toggles the visualization of Things (Canisters, Devices, etc)
  • atmos room <- Toggles the visualization of Rooms

For Rooms you must use the Reference ID, not the Room ID.

Arg3 is the amount of Gas (in Moles) to add

Keep in Mind that adding to much Moles will cause the Pressure inside a System (or Thing) to rapidly go up. This can and will lead to catastrophic failures of components!

Arg4 is an optional Argument

This Argument sets the Temperature in Kelvin of the Gas to be added.

Be careful to use a Comma , instead of a Dot . for Values such as 273,15.

A Dot will be ignored, turning a Temperature of 273,15 K (0 °C) to 27315 K (27041 °C).

If this Argument is omitted, the Temperature will be set to 293,15 K (20 °C).


We will use the following Things in these Examples:

  • Empty Canister (64 Liter Volume), ID 5229
  • Small Tank (6000 Liter Volume), ID 4431
  • 1x1x1 Room, ID 3519 (use the Reference ID)

Example 1

  • addgas Oxygen 5229 10

This will add 10 Moles of Oxygen to our 64L Canister, increasing the Pressure to 380 kPa

Example 2

  • addgas Oxygen 4431 5000

This will add 5000 Moles of Oxygen to our 6000L Tank, increasing the Pressure to 2031 kPa (2,031 MPa)

Example 3

  • addgas Oxygen 3519 250 273,15

This will add 250 Moles of Oxygen at 273,15 K (0 °C) to our 8000L Room, increasing the Pressure by 70 kPa

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