Stoneshard – How to Move Faster Through the Land!

A simple guide on how to move faster, using both mouse and arrows.


I know walking is tedious and you do a lot of it in Stoneshard, so during my adventures i figured two simple ways to walk a little bit faster than normal.

First Method = Using the Mouse

When you reach the last “walking indicator” dot, before you character completly stops, you click again with your mouse further ahead on the map to continue moving, so it wont stop as you select a new location.

Second Method = Using the Arrows

With this method you can walk with your keyboard’s arrows in the same pace as the mouse, it only works on straight lines tho, so, when you are walking and you have a clean path ahead, like in the screenshot, you click once with your mouse in a line ahead of you, once your character starts moving, hold the arrow that points to the direction your character is moving and you it will continue until you let go of the arrow or colide with something.

Created by Kaklik

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