Stray – How to Install Mods (Easy)

I teach you how to download and install any mod easily and quickly.


  • Have WinRAR / 7-Zip installed.
  • Have a Nexus Mods account.
  • Be a cat lover!

Downloading the Mods

Go to Nexus Mods, log in and go to the Stray page.

Once you get there, choose your mod and click on it. In the mod page, select “Files” and then “Manual Download”. Use “slow download” to download your mods for free.

And that’s it, you have the mod downloaded. Now you just have to install it. You can download as many mods as you want, as long as they are compatible with each other.

Installing the Mods

Go to you downloads folder, extract the mod file to “mod-name/”.

Open the folder that you’ve created to see the content. You’ll find a file like this one:

Without closing this window, go to you Steam library and right-click in the game. Then, select “Browse local files”.

Go to Hk_Project > Content > Paks. Drag your mod file (not the folder, the mod file) to the “Paks” folder and launch you game. Do not replace the file that already exists in the game folder.

That’s It!

Created by Groochy

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