Street Fighter 6 – Configuration Tips for Tournaments

Configuration tips for improving the experience on online and offline tournaments.

How to Improve Your Experience

Pause Menu on Long Hold

Go to: Multi Menu > Options > Game > Other Settings > Pause Menu on Long Hold

Turn On the Pause Menu on Long Hold option to make it harder for the game to be paused by accident during a match.

Input Delay Reduction

Go to: Multi Menu > Options > Graphics > Input Delay Reduction

Turn On Input Delay Reduction to reduce input lag during a match.

Matches to Win (Online Tournaments)

This configuration is specifically for online tournaments which use Custom Rooms for matches.

Go to: Fighting Ground > Online > Custom Room > Create Room > Rule Settings > Matches to Win

Change the configuration to the number of games necessary to win a tournament set. (i.e. 2 for FT2 or 3 for FT3).

Go To Mode Select (Offline Tournaments)

Not exactly a configuration, but can help in offline tournaments which use Versus/One on One for matches.

When switching players in an offline tournament, choose the Go To Mode Select option to reset the set score. This is so the in-game score is the same as the tournament set score.

Choosing any other option will carry over the scores from the previous players to the next match.

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