theBlu – Basic Guide

The basics that some noobs/VR newbies may not know.

Guide to Basics

The Basics and How to Use APP

  • Use left joystick fowards on VR to move foward.
  • Use right joystick left and right to rotate left and right.
  • You cannot move backwards!

When you load in, no need to touch any buttons or joysticks, just place your hand lightly over the sphere in front of you in the game’s main menu to control where you want to go in the experience.

There is 4 So far:

  1. Whale Encounter
  2. HammerHead Cove
  3. Luminous Abyss
  4. Reef Migration

What to expect to encounter?

  1. A whale greets you, friendly.
  2. You get to see Hammerhead sharks in their home habitat.
  3. Deep Sea creatures – most likely to greet anglerfish – VERY DARK.
  4. You get to see turtles and other sea creatures move in to migrate to a new place to call home.

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