Sunflower Pie – Full Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Choices to get all achievements. ~5 minutes to 100%.

Complete Achievement Walkthrough


  • Hold CTRL to skip text. Press “O” to open options.
  • Save option is unavailable. Avoid pressing “Esc” (It closes the game)


  • Please, dont make me…
  • Yes, Mother
  • I feel like i’m having a nightmare
  • Do what you want
  • (Stay safe)


  • You put something in this, didn’t you?
  • Did your support group tell you to feed me this?
  • It tasted just like Sunflower Pie
  • Thanks you for getting me out of here
  • Shoot yourself
  • Do what you want
  • (Stay true)


  • You put something in this, didn’t you?
  • Yes, Mother
  • (Stay a while)
  • Press “Esc” to close the game

Start the game and choose French

  • Click the eye in the lower left corner of the main menu
  • Press “I” on your keyboard
  • (Infohazards)
Created by Easy Target

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