Soulmask – How to Tame NPCs

Hello everyone, this time we will introduce the detailed process of taming NPCs in the game.

Guide to Tame NPCs

What Should You Do?

First, you need to unlock chests in the “Ruins” on the map to obtain Green Crystals (unexplored ruins are marked with a “?”). Then, press the “Tab” key to open the mask interface and use the Green Crystals to upgrade the “deter” skill.

Prepare bandages and liquid food in your inventory, and try to minimize the amount of materials or items you carry to reduce weight. Bandages can be crafted at the loom or obtained by scavenging from hostile NPCs. Liquid food such as herbal soups, meat soups, or mushroom soups can be made. To make them, first craft the “Bowl” item at the potting table, then place the bowl on the cooking stove, gather the corresponding ingredients, and cook either meat soup or mushroom soup.

To find the traces of NPCs on the map, first, use your weapon to attack the NPC and reduce its health to below 20% (please confirm the exact value with the game). Then, hold the “E” key and click the “deter” button with the mouse to make the NPC fall to the ground. Once you have confirmed that there are no other enemies nearby, hold the “E” key to check the NPC’s status. If the NPC is bleeding, you can place a bandage in the NPC’s inventory and use it to stop the bleeding. Then, place liquid food in the NPC’s inventory and press the “E” key to feed the NPC, increasing its hunger level. At this point, the NPC’s “recognition” will slowly increase.

Next, while facing the NPC lying on the ground, press the “E” key to lift them up and carry them back to your base. Place them on the ground, preferably on a bed. The NPC’s affinity will gradually increase. Once the NPC’s recongnition reaches 500 or above, hold the “E” key while interacting with the NPC, and the “Recruit” option will appear. Click on “Recruit” to recruit the NPC into your team.

PS: Before detering the NPC, it is advisable to ensure that your own health is at a relatively high level to avoid being killed by other NPCs during the process.

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