Sunkenland – Fixing Save Loading Error

Instructions for those who have an error when loading a save in multiplayer on version 0.134.

How to Fix Save Loading Error

One-time fix for the disappearance of saved buildings and improvements

Must be done before each start of the game!

  1. Do not save the game after a launch error, otherwise you will lose everything!

End the task through the task manager.

  1. Press Win+R and enter “%localappdata%low\Vector3 Studio\Sunkenland\Worlds”
  2. Be sure to make a backup! Edit the file “World.json” in the folder with the name of your world. Find and replace “FishSpawnerData” with “null”. Repeat this with the “World_AutoSave.json” file if autosaves are used.
  3. Launch your world, all saves and improvements will be without loss.

Note: Instead of “null” you can use any set of characters. Formally, you need to get rid of “FishSpawnerData” during loading, after which the game will generate it again.

Created by Ren Di

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