PAYDAY 3 – Custom FPS Limit Guide (VRR Users e.g. G-SYNC or FreeSync)

How to configure a custom frame rate limit.

Guide to Custom FPS Limit


Payday 3 offers only predefined refresh rate limits (e.g. 120 FPS or 144 FPS but nothing in between). Users with variable refresh rate (VRR) like G-SYNC und FreeSync usually prefer a frame rate limit slightly below the actual maximum of the display because frame pacing might not be perfect and thus you’re still loosing frames even if the AVERAGE frame rate is below the maximum refresh rate of your display. Depending on how good (or bad) the frame pacing is you might want to configure a frame rate limit 2 to 10 FPS below your max refresh rate.


On Windows:

  • Open the folder
    • %localappdata%\PAYDAY3\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\
  • Open the file with your favourite editor
  • Look for the variable
  • And configure it to your desired value, e.g.
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