Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls – How to Free Up 3.5 GB After Installing This Game

Free up some space for your drive by deleting the language files that you are not primarily playing with.

Guide to Free Up 3.5 GB

List of Files That Are Safe to Delete

This guide assumes that you are playing this game using English as the text/UI language. If you are not playing using English, then you MUST switch the game to your preferred language first, and THEN delete the irrelevant language files. Except for the audio language, the game actually only loads one language at a time, and changing them requires a restart.

To access the game’s files, right-click the game on your Steam library -> Manage -> Browse Local Files. The following files can then be located under the “data” folder.

English (default):

  • GAME.cpk
  • GAME00000.pac
  • GAME00001.pac
  • SYSTEM.cpk
  • SYSTEM00000.pac


  • GAME_JP.cpk
  • GAME_JP00000.pac
  • GAME_JP00001.pac
  • SYSTEM_JP.cpk
  • SYSTEM_JP00000.pac


  • GAME_CN.cpk
  • GAME_CN00000.pac
  • GAME_CN00001.pac
  • SYSTEM_CN.cpk
  • SYSTEM_CN00000.pac

If you are wondering if you can also delete the audio language files inside the “SND” folder… you can’t. The game loads both Japanese and English audio into memory when you boot it, so if it finds that either language is missing, the entire game will just be silenced and there will be no audio at all.

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