Supermarket Simulator – Starter Guide

Guide to Basics

Getting Started

  • Learn the basics of the game, like stock management, shelving, and cashiering in the tutorial.
  • Take your time! Start small and expand gradually as you earn money. Avoid credit.
  • Of course mistakes are normal. So you need to learn from them and keep improving.

Managing Your Store

  • Maintain a good stock: Customers won’t be satisfied if they can’t find what they want.
  • Organize shelves logically: Make it easy for customers to find products.
  • Set competitive prices: Aim for a balance between profit and affordability.
  • Hire staff: You can’t do everything alone.

Making Money

  • Offer promotions: Attract more customers and increase sales.
  • Invest in your store: Upgrade equipment and expand your sales area.
  • Respond to customer requests: Satisfied customers are repeat customers.

Unlock Items

  • Don’t rely solely on your employees.
  • Keep track of your progress in the management computer.
  • Ensure you have the right equipment in stock to unlock items.

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