Sven Co-op – Where to Find Secret Electric Guns (Tesla Guns)


This guns entity name is “weapon_teslagun” Its unique so obviously it’s a very powerful gun.

It has 100 units of ammo without any magazines and clips, sadly it’s not possible to recharge it, all you can do is get another tesla gun. It is similar to egon or gluon gun in Half-life.

Mapname: th_ep1_04

It’s down under dams water, not in the reservoir its in the drain side, at the very end.

Mapname: th_ep2_02

You are in a mansion. There is a elevator to underground labs. It’s in second floor of underground labs entrance.

Mapname: th_ep2_03

At the second floor of living quarters, throw a grenade into this rooms window. If you have no grenade, then u can get some from one room that is one floor below.

Mapname: th_ep3_01

Under the waterfall, however be careful because there are two ichthyosaurs in the water.

Mapname: th_ep3_03

In the cage where you’re gonna get trapped ,although you cant use it because your weapons are gonna get stripped after this scene.

Mapname: th_ep3_06

After climbing the ceiling go left, you should find it freely laying down.

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