Sword With Sauce – Starter’s Mercenary Guide

A guide for those who like using guns, and a few loadouts to go along with them for when you want.

[Section 1] How to Use a Gun

Note: Credit goes to tf2 pomson enjoyer

In order to use a gun, you need ammo. Guns can be picked up off the ground with a full mag, or you can start with one. Do not worry about losing your weapon, as they are easy to find. Rifles are mid-long range. Shotguns are very short range, Snipers are VERY powerful but inaccurate when not scoped. In order to fire the gun, you must left click. Holding right click can be used to aim, increasing accuracy.

[Section 1.1] Info About Guns

Rifle: Moderate damage. 30 round mag, you can quickly mow down enemies.

Shotgun: High damage. 6 round mag, wide spread and cannot be aimed.

Sniper: VERY high damage, 6 round mag, Inaccurate when not aimed, can adjust zoom when aiming.

[Section 2] Loadouts

Now that you know how to use a gun, I will give a quick overview of some basic loadouts, and will provide more insight with them later.

MG Mercenary: Loud and proud, armed with grenades, throwing stars, and several magazines, very well balanced and easy to use.

Shotgun Mercenary: Close range fighter, armed with grenades, gas, throwing stars, and a comical amount of shells.

Sniper Mercenary: Long ranged merc, has a couple reserve mags, and a backup pistol in case, along with some traps to protect yourself.

Sword Mercenary: Yes, this is about guns but I thought I’d add in a swordsman for you sword lovers out there. Unlike the others, this one is more stealth oriented. You have a backup pistol as well, grenades, throwing stars, and other gadgets.

[Section 2.1] MG Mercenary

[Section 2.2] Shotgun Mercenary

[Section 2.3] Sniper Mercenary

[Section 2.4] Sword Mercenary

[Section 3] Extra Mercenaries

Hopefully you’ve been sticking along, so here are some extra mercenaries!

Recon Mercenary: A mix of mobility like the swordsman, and MG mercenary.

Chemical Mercenary: Rather unconventional, but is armed with a gas mask and various chemical based gadgets.

Demolition Mercenary: Armed with explosives, and grenades.

[Section 3.1] Recon Mercenary

[Section 3.2] Chemical Mercenary

[Section 3.3] Demolition Mercenary

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