Tasty Planet – 100K Object Quick Guide

Best way I found to eat the most amount of objects with least amount of effort.

Guide to Get 100K Object Fast


As I’ll be using the cheat comand unlocked by getting gold on all levels, having that is a requirement.

How to Do It

With this hint you’ll be making what I first though as the worst level in the game into the best one.

Enter the Level Cosmos 4

On the pause menu select Options > Cheats and activate “Go Through Walls” and “Invencibility”.

You can also activate “Gravity Well” to help line up later.

Now you can forget the fear of falling into the black hole.

Eat enough to be larger than it and just sit on top of it (here gravity well can help you make sure you are centered with the black hole).

Congratulations, now wait for about 2 mins to complete the level with about 500 objects eaten.

Rinse, repeat.

Obs. Although it says progress wont be saved, you can look at the object count on the achievement to see that it is working.

Created by Legon Stellar

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