Terraria – How to Beat Golem on the Zenith Seed

This guide goes over strategies for how to defeat Golem on the secret Zenith (getfixedboi) seed.

What Is So Special About Getfixedboi Golem?

It’s important to note that this fight is actually pretty challenging compared to normal Golem. Otherwise a guide wouldn’t be necessary. For the Worthy makes it so that Golem is very small and fast and of course deals more damage and has more health. These changes are not what makes the fight hard. If you’re reading this guide you have probably already fought the boss and know that what makes it hard is the fact that Golem is pretty much invisible during the fight.


Before the fight, standing in the arena (Chilling).

During the Fight (Not Chilling)

The boss fight not only makes everything dark, it also gets rid of all torches in the arena. There are some things that work to counter this, but most things don’t work.

Things that do work:

  • Gemspark blocks
  • Light providing pets
  • Light sources that are not torches (lanterns, lamps, candles, etc), though not very well at all (not worth the time/resources)
  • Maybe more things idk didn’t test everything

Things that do NOT work:

  • Hunter potions
  • Shine potions
  • Night owl potions
  • Torches
  • Using debuffs to highlight the boss. (ie fire, cursed flames, ichor) The debuffs still apply, they just aren’t visible
  • Probably anything else that would be helpful


If you want to, you are able to build an arena outside of the jungle temple and use the Rod of Discord to teleport there after summoning Golem, just keep in mind that this will enrage Golem. It also doesn’t negate the darkness that Golem creates, it just gives you more room to fight.

Fighting in the Chamber is cramped but it will have to do. To make the arena as good as possible be sure to add the standard arena buffs

  • Campfire
  • Heart lantern
  • Honey bubbles on either side
  • Sunflower
  • Peace candle
  • Lizhard and flying snake banners
  • Bast statue

Heart Statues

Heart statues are also a useful thing for any arena, the problem is you aren’t able to see or place wires within the Jungle Temple until Golem is defeated.

This can be overruled by using the wiring of the traps that are already placed in the temple.

  1. Find a trap in the temple chamber.
  2. Use anything that activates wires (switch, lever, etc) to locate a wire. Do this by placing the switch near the trap and flipping it until the trap activates.
  3. Place a timer and heart statue where the wire you found is.

Keep in mind that the timer will also activate all traps that it is connected to, so be sure to block them off.

Doing this also forces you to put the heart statue in an inconvenient place, but a heart reach potion should be good enough to reach the hearts.

Gemspark Blocks

The last thing that you can do to make the arena better is to use gemspark blocks to outline the arena. This is helpful because when it gets dark, you don’t want to lose awareness of your own position. The gemspark blocks give you an idea of where you are in the arena making it easier to keep track of the boss. I used green because I happened to have a lot of emeralds, but any of the colours will work.

Final Arena:

Note: the torches I spammed were just for easily viewing this arena in the screenshot. More torches doesn’t mean more visibility during the fight, so don’t waste your torches.


I will be going over a ranger class loadout since it’s what I used. A melee build would also work well here since they have high defence and the arena is very small. Do whatever you want.


  • A strong bow. Examples include Chlorophyte Shotbow, Tsunami (from Duke Fishron), and Eventide (from Empress of Light). These are all suggestions, if you feel like using something else, go for it.
  • Venom Arrows. Vile of venom from witch doctor combine with wooden arrows.
  • A good summon. Even though this is a primarily ranger build a summon doesn’t hurt to have for a bit of extra DPS. Examples of summons include Blade staff (queen slime), sanguine staff (dread nautilus), raven staff (pumpking), deadly sphere staff (deadly sphere), and terraprisma (if you can).
  • Nimbus Rod. Just place it somewhere in the arena for a bit of extra damage.


Use the Shroomite armour with the Headgear if you are using a bow as recommended


  • Wings. Any wings would work here since the arena is so small and mobility isn’t too big of a concern.
  • Worm Scarf
  • Magic quiver or its upgrades
  • Master Ninja Gear
  • Ankh Shield
  • Avenger Emblem
  • Ranger Emblem


Rage, Wrath, Lifeforce, Endurance, Summoning, Obsidian Skin, Major Food, Regeneration, Swiftness, Ironskin, Thorns, Archery, Heartreach, and Flipper.

Most of these are self explanatory. Flipper potions are only here because of honey bubbles in the arena. If you don’t put honey bubbles, you don’t need flipper potions. Obsidian skin is to prevent being set on fire by Golems fire balls.

The Fight

If you’re playing getfixedboi you should already know Golems attack patterns and movement. Just do the same things you normally would while noting that Golem is smaller and faster than normal.

Keeping track of the boss is the hardest part of this fight.

There are multiple ways to it:

  • Watching Golems fists as they light up before an attack
  • Using a fast moving summon that will stay on top of the boss (ie. blade staff)
  • Having a light providing pet (this is fairly inconsistent since it requires the pet to be trailing behind you and Golem moving with the pet)
  • Watching where Golems fireballs come from

These strategies are much more difficult in phase two since Golems fists will be dead, and the head will have to be kept track of too. But I believe in you, good luck.

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