Techtonica – Bio Brick Factory Tips

Tips to Operation Bio Brick Factory

Note: Credit goes to burger boy

Bio brick factory is really easy to set up. Just find any outcrop of limestone and put 2 assemblers down with a storage in between. Hook everything up and dump plant matter in the storage. After you set up your shiver thorn you will have plant matter coming out your ears.

There are two easy to reach lime stone outcrops. One is above the river on the opposite direction of the terminal in the starting area. Before you get to the copper.

The other is along the wall of the second terminal away from the river. Both can make an easy setup to make bio bricks.

Might also help to note that they won’t have to keep manually refilling the planters if they can get the seeds from the thrashers getting fed back into the planters automatically.

I highly recommend using the filter grabby arm things for taking the seeds out of the thrashers, otherwise the stuff grabbed will be random from between the 2 outputs, which will jam up the automation.

And yes, you can have both the kindlevine and shiver things end up as plantmatter after being fed through another thrasher (plus an assembler in the kindlevines case ).

The rest of the stuff coming out of the thrashers you can just have run off into storage containers until you have something you need it for.

Important note

The excess resource buildup can be an issue both before and after the later tier unlocks.

Though i could see something like an incinerator being useful to convert the excess byproduct into raw energy.

For now though, we just have storage containers to deal with the excess.

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