Deep Rock Galactic – Tips on Season Progress

Season Progress Tips

Honestly just play missions you enjoy, longer missions have higher odds of granting plaguehearts but also take more time, shorter missions have smaller chances but don’t take as long so either one will give you a pretty similar xp progression, and the pass will feel less overall time consuming if you have fun on the way, plus as others said theres tons and tons of time left so you aren’t in any hurry necessarily

Now with that manditory “play the game normally and have fun” out of the way I do actually have some tips when it comes to meteors/plaguehearts atleast with my experience.

Firstly avoid lithophage outbreak missions, not only do these make missions take longer to complete you also can’t get large meteors or corruptors on them making them way worse for pass xp speed.

Small or big your first meteor will ALWAYS arrive within the first 10 minutes of the mission, if you reach the 10 minute mark and haven’t gotten one then it’s safe to leave because you will never get a second meteor unless you got the first one within that time frame (the second meteor will also always arrive within 10 minutes after the first one, so if you get one meteor at 5:00 into the mission the second will arrive or telegraph it’s arrival before 15:00 into the mission.

Make sure to cover the whole map in case a corruptor spawned in since those are also 3 free plaguehearts, they also count as a meteor in the sense that you won’t get 2 meteors in that mission AFAIK, i’ve only ever gotten 1-0 meteors if a corruptor was spawned as well.

Point extraction, egg hunt, refinery, and salvage are all pretty good choices for meteor farming since they all have a pretty consistent completion time but also don’t take 2 minutes (except egg hunt but you can safely wait around on there if you wanna play it safe since egg hunt spawns are minimal).

Also if you don’t care for the cosmetic tree or prefer the stuff on the seasonal pass reroll all your lithophage outbreak scrip assignments for more pass XP, playing in lithophage missions is way worse for earning plaguehearts anyways.

Personally when I was working on the pass I also only played solo with the occasional game with friends. I just went through solo missions at whatever speed was needed depending on meteor spawns and listened to youtube videos in the background, it’s actually pretty relaxing for grinding.

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