Terra Invicta – How to Remove Colony Status from Regions?

Removing Colony Status from Regions

Grant independence / cede territory and reabsorbing still works, e.g. european decol and ceding to caribbean states.

Merging a country with colony region into a bigger country (UK/Belgium into france) won’t always work in current patches.

Last run (~.3.6x) merging china into taiwan lost colony status for urumqi but not tibet.

I’m not totally sure, but I believe it helps if the country being ceded to has completed a spaceprogram.

In my latest runs, once a colony region had 0/6 MC, it was always able increase its MC even after after reabsorption.


  • Ceding european colonies to caribbean / pacific states or ratasomething and militory conquest keeps MC.
  • Granting independence to siberia/first nation and military conquest keeps MC.

Another thing I noticed:

  • When reabsorbing multiple (colony) regions (Eu decol and caribbean states or first nation) they don’t regain their colony status
  • Uniting with a different country than their original parent (e.g. tibet into PAC instead of china) and they don’t regain their colony status
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  1. Colonies have less GDP than their parent nation, this is important for deciding their status.

    Easiest way to loose colony status is to grant independence. The status is also lost if the territory is ceded/merged into another country with similar GDP as the colony.

    The colony status is regained if you reabsorb the colony with it’s original owner and not fixing the GDP gap.

    Thus the easies way to remove the status is to release and than reabsorb into something else. I.e. release Greenland an than absorb it into the EU. If you can’t do this, than you need to bridge the GDP gap, usually with a lot of direct investment.

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