Bendy: Secrets of the Machine – How to Open Doors

Are you stuck on how the peck to get into rooms in Bendy Secrets of the machine? Well your in luck! This guide explains how to start and get things.

Those Gosh Darn Doors!

The Old Time Theater (Room to The Left)

Opening The Gate to The Old Time Theater (Room to The Left)

Same steps as before but instead of breaking the windows look to the left and you should see a pipe Yeet the can of soup into the pipe instead. Repeat this process 3 times and it should open the gate on the right. revealing a door and Guffie (The dude with a tin can on his head) Welcoming you in.

The House Wall (The Room to The Right)

After entering the Warehouse turn to your Right and you should see a house looking wall with a door and 2 windows Next to it is a Vending machine (a Cartoon looking locker type thing with a Button on the center of there body) When pressing on the button you should receive a can of soup Yeet (Throw) it into one of the windows and the door should open.

Escape Your Cage (The Room Forward)

This by far the hardest room you have to do… you have to head to the door and open it!

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