TerraTech Worlds – Useful Tips and Tricks

Working Station Tips

There is a recycler to break down the blocks into components and there is a shredder that more efficiently processes the ore that can be beamed into it.

New layouts of booths, blocks, etc. for the processors can be obtained by completing tasks. Many plans are given for questing to kill enemies.

Ore Tip

  • Iron, copper, aluminum are found in the regular forest.
  • Sodium and chlorine are obtained from blue ore along the banks of the reservoirs.
  • Gold and silicon are extracted from quartz found in normal and contaminated forests.
  • Niobium and tantalum are found in small deposits in contaminated forests*.
  • Infected forest can be found if you go to the NW, snowy biome – to the N.

General Tips

  • Get used to your helplessness (at least for the first 10 hours), you can be shot by any car with 1 gun.
  • In a fight with stronger opponents, try to chase them on blocks to get stuck, or shoot and run (opponents almost can’t be fixed, but the player can).
  • A captured enemy base (after destroying the hologram marker) can be safely dismantled and transferred to itself.
  • For some time, the main weapon will be a laser, which can easily destroy enemy weapons and render him helpless.
  • Even with 2 lasers without batteries, you can rivet a car from 1 frame (the reactor does not allow for more weight) to occupy complex enemy bases that contain large amounts of resources to be pumped (resources are in the warehouses)
  • Explosive flowers (which will be pushed away if you drive up to them) can be activated with a laser shot and safely driven past. Breaking these flowers will give you carbon x1 and lithium x1.
  • Do not hit blocks, trees, etc. at SPEED. Machine parts fall off very easily even at not very high speeds.
  • For the lightning rod to work, it must be activated manually with the right mouse button (protects against lightning and electric trees.
  • In the early stages, when you do not have enough power at the base to run 1 station (for example, a garbage generator), install another carbon generator to double the allowable load.
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    • If you read the patch note, there used to be blue rocks sticking out on the shores. I myself tried to look for them on all the banks according to the guides, nothing like that and did not find. Only by accident, driving into the forest, where lightning strikes – saw such a thing – under the tree lightning just.
      ZY almost died – it turns out the mobile lightning rod in auto mode does not work – it manually must be used … That’s why I discovered accidentally – how you can spit lightning from a safe distance.

  1. Has anyone tried to destroy electric trees?? Can they even be broken? I’ve put 100 bullets in them (I don’t know if they hit or not) and no results. Maybe someone did it?

    • with the same machine gun. You look for the boundary where the tree starts “buzzing” – and shoot short bursts. At some point the tree can just “disappear” – apparently there is no animation of the fall. There is no special use, no uniks did not fall out, only with impunity to collect under the tree sodium and chlorine from the blue stones.

  2. BAG, when collecting drops from the enemy base: when filling the entire inventory – for some reason teh simply exploded at first thought that I survived the underdog shot, but then – after re-looting – again the explosion.at a certain weight of the inventory on the surface of the teh appear small yellow spots, as in corrosion and lose xp.
    BAG energy leakage – if installed tractor beam. Sometimes the battery starts to waste itself – to prevent this, just activate the beam once for a short time – then the leakage will stop….

  3. flowers can be taken out with a machine gun – which falls from standard techs. It is a little stronger than the default, but uses light ammunition – which is already well dropped…. I drove up to the flower – until a small crosshair appeared on it – then I started firing in bursts of 2 rounds – so that there was not a strong scatter. 10-15 bursts are enough to make the flower explode – now it drops 2 Lithium, when from the Pumpkvoshar only 1.

    • technologies are received as rewards for tasks. Tech menu – “tasks” – “get”.

    • Phosphorus is extracted from enemy plants, mines and plants that corrode. It is all located in the swamp. There you can also find a good cannon and ammo for it near the wrecked ship. To be honest, I did not notice the difference that there is this corrosion and that it is not. But there is a way to speed up the descent, just drive into the water, and the corrosion will go away 3 times faster

      • When the corrosion level rises to 20 or higher, blocks begin to break. Phosphorus was already known, and sand zones—rather than plants—are the source of corrosion.

        • And not just areas with sand, there are larger plants on the coast that create an aura of corrosion when approached. I’ve had 50+ corrosion and there was no difference.

  4. Ore: Wolframite
    Location: Snowy terrain
    Appearance: Black rocks with yellowish crystals embedded in them, often guarded by sniper spitters.

  5. What about the crusher? I scrafted it in the hope of clearing the inventory of cobblestones, but it does not want to do anything…. How do I use it?

    • The capturing beam should be used to transport large resources—such as chunks of iron that are lying around or portions of trees that have been pre-cut with the resource laser—to the crusher.

  6. Tips:

    For the first ten hours or so, get used to your helplessness—any toy car with a single cannon will be able to shoot you down.

    When fighting more powerful opponents, try to trap them with blocks to make them stuck, or shoot and flee (the player heals more often than the opponents do).

    Once an enemy base is destroyed (by taking down the hologram mark), it can be safely disassembled and transported to your location.

    Your primary tool for a while will be a laser, which is capable of quickly and easily taking out the enemy’s guns and rendering them useless.

    Building a vehicle from 1 frame (more weight is not permitted by the reactor) allows capturing complex enemy bases with plenty of resources for upgrades, even with 2 lasers and no batteries (resources are found in warehouses).

    Safe passage past explosive flowers that retreat upon contact can be facilitated by a laser beam.

  7. ores

    We can find aluminum, copper, and iron in the common forest.

    Blue ore is mined along the edges of bodies of water for sodium and chlorine.

    Quartz can be extracted to produce silicon and gold. It can be found in both common and contaminated forests.

    The contaminated forest* contains trace amounts of tantalum and niobium.

    5* The snowy biome is to the north; the contaminated forest is to the northwest.

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