The Coffin of Andy and Leyley – Achievements Guide (Episode 2)

Unknown Summon

After the cutscene where the hitman enters your motel room:

  • Go back to the cultist place
  • Enter the door on the right that leads to the kitchen
  • Interact with the elevator door
  • Go back to the stairs
  • After the cutscene, interact with one of the red eyes on the ground
  • Light up all nine candles
  • Turn on the music on the left side of the counter in the top area (look at the screenshot)
  • After the cutscene, leave the cultist place

Hitman Wins!

After the hitman enters your motel room, enter it as well and interact with the closet in the top area (where you picked up your gun earlier).


This happens during Ashley’s vision when she falls asleep while they’re in the hitman’s car.

The circles show the locations of the flowers and the present you need to pick up.

The numbers show which paths you need to take and the correct order to go.

Vision Watcher

While you prepare the ritual to sacrifice your parents,you need to choose between “Trust him.” and “F. that!” Choose “Trust him.”

Then you need to choose between “Accept.” and “Decline.” Choose “Accept.”

Later in Ashley’s vision you will get to the following area:

Enter the door at the top that is marked with the circle and you will end up in this area:

Talk to the demon in the top left area that is marked with the circle.

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