Noita – Useful Tips and Tricks

A collection of tips and tricks to have more successful runs.

Tips and Tricks

Tip: Go Slow

Unless you’re speedrunning the game, or playing with mods, there is no reason to rush yourself in this game. The faster you go, the more likely it is that you will make mistakes.

Instead, you should feel free to take the game a bit slower, and to play more cautiously. utilize corners to your advantage, stay on the high ground and bait enemies into it. Such methods will result in you getting hit less, and as a result, staying alive longer.

F*** Around, Find Out

  • If you don’t know what something will do, you should probably not do it, or, if you really want to, do it in an environment where you have an out.
  • Weather it’s a new wand you pick up, or a spell in a holy mountain. Read carefully, then consider the worst outcome of casting it.
  • This rule of thumb also goes for structures – you never know what might be lurking inside.

Everything Wants to Kill You

Just assume this. Assume this about any mob, or spell, or material.
Everything in this game can kill you.
Well, not everything, but most things.
This ties into the previous lesson of playing slowly, but it’s important to reiterate.

Tip: Explore Everything

The more you explore, the more items you find. This could be wands, potions, treasure chests, or max health increases. All of these can go a long way to improving your run. Try to find as much as you can on each level, so that you enter the next more powerful

Desirable Spells: Digging

Being able to dig back to the surface (or generally, an earlier biome) is a powerful utility. This will require some good luck, but here’s some spells to look out for that can break through the dense rock:

  • Black hole
    • This eats through any material very well, but it has limited charges and moves slowly. Other spells can compensate for these downsides, if you can find them.
  • Plasma cutter
    • A slow means of cutting ground, but if it’s all you can find, you can’t be picky. it also hurts you. a lot. don’t hit yourself with it.
  • Luminous drill
    • Very slow. at least it doesn’t do self damage. it also can be a good weapon in a pinch. eats through any material, if but slowly.
  • Tannerkivi
    • This isn’t a spell, but it can help dig. when held it turns surrounding solids into dirt! this allows more spells to dig, and existing digging spells to dig faster. They’re a bit hard to come by, though, so don’t depend on it too much.


Potions can be found as you explore, holding a variety of materials.

Some of these materials are quite useful!

You can make them yourself, if you have the right materials and know-how, too.

  • Water
    • By far the most useful material. Use it to wash off stains or put out fires. Blood, brine, and swamp (as well as others) can also be a substitute for this if you can’t find any for whatever reason
  • Concentrated Mana
    • This material can allow your wands to fire far more rapidly, if you find your damage output lacking.
  • Berserkium
    • This material greatly increases your damage output. It also greatly increases the radius of your explosions, so be careful.
  • Ambrosia
    • This material makes you immune to all damage when stained. A true life saver. It does wash off really quickly, so be tactful with how you use it.
  • Pheromone
    • This material makes enemies friendly, use that to your advantage. It can be tricky to stain enemies, though.

Tip: Learn from Mistakes

  • Noita, being a roguelike, means you will die a lot.
  • Learn from your deaths, you’ll get better at the game over time.


  • What caused me to die?
  • How can I avoid dying in this way?
  • What will I do if I’m in this situation again?


Healing is, by far, the most powerful thing in Noita. Because of that, it is hard to come by.

Here’s some methods to heal:

  • Holy Mountian
    • The one you’ll probably find out first. If you conservatively use the full restore, then you can greatly extend your life. Risk and reward, relly.
  • Circle of Vigor
    • The strongest healing spell. When cast, it creates a circle that heals you. You don’t need to stay inside the circle to get healed, and the healing scales based on your max health. Limited charges.
  • Healing bolt
    • A bolt that heals. You’re going to have to find a method to get it to hit you. Do not give it damage boosts – you’re going to die. Also has limited charges.
  • Pheromone
    • By using pheromone on enemies that can heal, they will heal you!
  • Rare finds
    • In the world, there’s things you can find that will heal you. Get out there and search for them!

Teleportation: Your Best Friend

Teleportation spells are powerful, they let you move around faster, and avoid damage.

The strongest spell is the short teleport spell, which may seem counter-intuitive, however: the projectile moves very fast, which means you can use it easier to dodge incoming projectiles, and because of the short range, you will almost always be able to see where you’re going to end up.

Speaking of which, don’t blindly teleport. You can easily accidentally teleport into acid, or a group of enemies that are off screen if you aren’t careful.

“Tactical Retreat”

AKA, running away.

Sometimes you’ll run across something you just can’t fight. The best course of action is to get out of there, and to do it fast. Bosses are the prime example of this. They drop great rewards, and don’t tend to be able to peruse you too far. So, if you find you can’t beat them: Run away, get better gear, then come back and fight them when ready.

Tip: Anger the Gods (When Ready)

  • Breaking out of the holy mountain is a valuable thing to do, as it allows you a spot to do one of the most powerful things in the game: edit your wands.
  • When you’re well equip enough to fight the stevari (Steve), feel free you dig holes in the mountain to allow yourself to keep coming back and edit wands.
  • Just make sure you can handle what the gods throw at you.
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