The Endless Empty – Brainiac Achievement Guide

How to answer correctly to All Sphinx riddles in chapter 3 in The Endless Empty.

How to Obtain Brainiac Achievement

You Won’t Miss Sphinx in Your Walkthrough

Sphinx is a character that you’ll have to pass obligatory through it in chapter 3.

Play till you find it.

The Sphinx Riddles – Correct Answers

When you try to pass the door it will ask you to solve its riddles.

It can be difficult to know the correct answers, so that’s why im doing this guide, let’s do it quick:

First riddle:

We select

  • 234

Second riddle:

We select

  • 2:24

Third riddle:

We select

  • 7.08sq meters

Fourth riddle: (Last one)

We select

  • x = 2,3

And… Done!

You’ll be granted the achievement, have a great day!

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