Six Days in Fallujah – Guide to Double-Tap Shift to Sprint Faster

Double-Tap Shift to Sprint Faster

  • Single-tap shift = Leisurely jog.
  • Double-tap shift = They got chris kyle watching these streets.

How do I use my legs, sarge?

Ever frustrated that it feels like your marine is just jogging his way through the alleys as insurgents flood into the streets, parkour through broken windows & walls, and do everything in their power to shoot you in the ass? Sure, rucking 60+ lbs of gear will slow even the biggest & meanest of crayon-munchers in the squad, but surely not THIS slow!?

Well, it turns out your DIs never told you that double-tapping shift will actually make you run with the urgency you’d expect from having every single person within the city block trying to kill you & parade your corpse in the streets.

Have fun running faster to your deaths out there!

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