THE FINALS – How to Increase FPS

Welcome to a truly important guide for increasing FPS in The Finals.

Tips to Increase FPS

And so what we do, first of all we turn off the power saving mode.

This will increase the performance of our video card and it will not have restrictions on the use of its power.

The second step is to install a performance preset on our video card, this function will increase the FPS, but the desktop will look bad, but we don’t care what the desktop looks like, the main thing is maximum performance.

The third step is to update the drivers. These are programs that ensure interaction between the computer and the equipment, including the GPU. Using outdated or incompatible drivers for the game will reduce FPS. Download drivers from the official website of the video card manufacturer and install them manually. For the video card model, OS version, download and installation instructions, see the websites.

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