THE FINALS – How to Play Easy on Light (Build Guide)

Here I want to show you one of the best build for Light.


In beta, I often played on Light and made easy kills and wins. Here I want to show you how to make your enemies evil and disappointed.



  • New players taken by surprise
  • You can always hide with invisibility and heal up
  • You are 99% invisible if you don’t move
  • You can’t be seen at long distances
  • Doing fast moves near the enemies makes you less vulnerable


Equip V9S (Pistol):

  • Good damage
  • Fast reload (than other Light’s guns)
  • Mag size. 20 bullets are hype
  • Universal. Strong at close and medium distances

Compared to SMGs, V9S wins in terms of damage per 1 mag. Damage is 1.5x bigger than M11 or XP-54 damage.

You will kill faster with V9S than with SMG because of damage and because of semi-auto mode. We don’t use LH1 (semi-auto rifle) or SR-84 (sniper rifle) because these guns for long distance.



  • It becomes difficult for opponents enemies to move
  • Fast gadget recharging


  • FLASHBANG helps you to run away or to win fights easily
  • SMOKE GRENADE helps you to steel money safely

You can also equip other gadgets but leave STUN GUN.


This is how your Light should be equipped.

And how to play on this build:

  1. Use CLOAKING DEVICE and find the enemy
  2. Shoot him at close range (preferably in the back) and kill with V9S as fast as you can
  3. Use FLASHBANG and SMOKE GRENADE to run away


In conclusion, I want to say that this is my build that I tested for myself and can recommend for new players and etc.

Maybe it’s not the best build in the game but one of them.

Helena Stamatina
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