The Last Hero of Nostalgaia – Randomaster Build (Crit / Dex Build)

A Randomaster Build -> that really turned into a Crit/DEX build.

Basic Randomaster Build Thoughts

Note: Credit goes to Amaj7susb5

This is based on having finished the game at level 76.

It’s not necessarily the best build, but rather a build I started the game focused primarily on the “Luck” attribute which I was curious as to if it was worth putting a decent amount of points into.

It was….to a point….then it wasn’t.

For reference, at lvl 76 after finishing the game after 28hrs, my stats and gear were:

  • Lvl: 76
  • Health: 1006
  • Stamina: 125
  • Vit: 20
  • Sta: 15
  • EL: 10
  • Str: 4
  • Dex: 40
  • Src: 6
  • Lck: 45
  • Shield of Nostalran
  • Vib Sword (+5/Chronicle of Dex infused) at 581 damage/1340 crit damage)
  • Forgotten Knight set
  • Shuriken and Green Herb Code (for HoT)
  • Runed Nimble Padlock (+Dex) and Runed Boastful Mug (+crit chance inc)

I had remembered 42 relics so had unlocked every Insight tier save the last.


I will say that I think the build was very good, but not because of being a Randomaster focused on LCK, but rather it’s a DEX build with high crit (from LCK) I say that because I don’t think it was optimized in reotrospect but still felt like all the boss fights were super manageable and only took 2-3 shots without NPCs for practically every one.

I started out investing into the Luck stat right away and pumped it to about 30 before I then put about 2 into STA, VIT and DEX each, then went back to grinding up to 45 for Luck. Then ended by tossing a few into SRC and LOAD to stay under 60% weight and just putting leftovers into VIT/STA.

Why I thought the build was pretty good is that I’m not an expert (for reference I never rebuffed/reposte/parried). I would mostly block straight up with the occasional iframe roll for a really big incoming swing and I was able to kill the last boss on the 2nd try. The one before that also on two tries, and in fact most bosses on 2-3 tries – without the NPCs even. The exception was actually the grinder which took maybe 6 or so and I tried the NPC too. So the results were I wasn’t getting frustrated on boss fights which was my measure of it was a solid build.

At the end I put a couple points into SRC to get the heal over time – which I only used for the last boss. I think it is worth though and a couple into LOAD to stay at 60% or under load weight for fast rolls and stamina regen. I think you can fast roll at 70% or lower but I think I felt/saw the stamina go back up much faster when at 60% or lower (maybe my imagination tho)

By getting at least 40 pts in the insight bonuses you can constantly regen stamina back fast even with the full Forgotten Knight Set.

Areas for Improvement:

If I were to do it again, I’d recommend not putting 45 into Luck. Sadly, only the first tier (crit chance) is worth anything.The 2nd and 3rd tier skills max out early at 10% and the rest are so low percentage chances of happening that I found it unreliable (obviously and inherently) and therefore useless. However, the first tier item in Luck (increased crit chance) I think was worth it by a lot. I would put a point into Luck until along with the Runed boastful Mug (think it gives +5% crit chance) you get your crit chance up to 33%, then I’d stop with Luck and go into mainly Dex (maybe get to 50) and just rounding out Vit and Sta to about 20ish each.

The reason is not only are all the other luck tiers pretty much junk (even the 2nd/3rd) – they only go up by about 0.4-0.5% per luck point (starting at 1%) – making it really really rare. Plus, they aren’t even good.

But having 33%+ chance to crit with a fast and still powerful DEX scaling weapon like a fully upgraded Vibrating sword means 1 out of every 3 swings is a crit. Seeing as how when you attack you typically can get off 1-2 swings very safely (sometimes 3) – you are almost always going to have a crit in every attack burst – and that’s great.

For weapons, I also tried daggers which were neat and fast , but were weak and as such the crit damage was much lower. The dex axe and late game lute were solid but a tad slower and so I couldn’t always get the 3 swings in an attack window without getting punished. Making the early game vib sword an easy choice. Also the Stolen Wrap set was amazing early game and could be used the entire game (same for Covert Cultist Cover shield – except for last boss in which the SoN is better simply due to some SRC mitigation but still not required).

In summary – a full 45 pt LCK build is a total waste. Going full Randomaster like I was trying soon felt like wasted points past the 33% crit chance mark and I would not consider the points well spent once I got to 33% crit chance with the trinket. I don’t know at what number you need to get LCK up to get to 33% with the trinket involved – but its probably closer to 30 and certainly not 45 giving you at least 15 more valuable points to sink into DEX/STR and/or VIT/STA.

However early pts first into LCK to get to 33% total crit chance with using the +5 crit chance trinket is completely worth it – then you can just to into a DEX or STR build mindset for offense with about a 2:1:1 ratio into DEX/STR:VIT:STA and that feels like that could be much more optimal.

Hope some of this was helpful

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  1. How do you get your weapon to +5 and infused with Dex? I’m a fair way through the game (just finished Wilds) and I can’t get past +2 and can’t infuse the chronicle of dex- option just isn’t there. Is it the Smithy isn’t advanced enough? Thanks

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