The Lost Village – General Tips

General explanations gleaned from trial and error, a few build guides.

General Tips: The Faith Store and the Agency

The faith store is overpowered presently. Note that a common problem is that disciples only receive contribution points if they are assigned via the agency. Use the agency!

The faith store can provide I believe all the currently available martial arts, Pearls and research points, and a lot more. Rushing the faith store in research is a great way to get your sect started quickly. The faith store is also the single best source of Qi Elixers to get new disciples.

In order to get faith points, you need to use the workshop to give them things to buy, but it’s very cost efficient.

Quick Agency How-To:

  • Select the building in question
  • Click the agency button
  • It will open the agency and highlight the entry in question.
  • Drag and drop that entry to the middle box.
  • Select repeat if you want it to continue repeatedly, you probably do.
  • If you select a specific disciple, it’ll use that one. Good for ones with traits that improve the particular task, IE, the Farmer trait for farming spirit herbs.

The Sect Beast

The sect beast has three major uses:

  • It serves as a damage sponge in the middle and rightmost illusionary realms. It doesn’t come up in the Trial tower. It doesn’t attack, unless you give it abilities via the Faith store fruits, but they are all reactionary abilities as of July 2023, that only trigger when attacked.
  • Blessing, which gives random disciples potential, up to 20 per disciple. It prioritizes higher ranked disciples, so it’ll most likely give your sect master maxed points first, then move on to your inner promoted disciples. It gives one point per six months.
  • Training, which gives the selected disciple 3 random attribute points, and provides any but STR, WIS and SKL. It can provide True Damage, which is useful.

The sect beast is limited by Stamina. There is a trick to this. If you utilize Stamina Fruits from the sect store, it will increase the sect beast’s stamina pool. The sect beast regenerates stamina on a percentage basis. The more stamina you have, the quicker it recovers. Stamina fruits also level up the sect beast, but it doesn’t really provide much value right now. It’s worth it to do this, as otherwise you’ll be waiting forever between trainings.

When you select the sect beast’s icon, you can select auto stamina restore, which will have the sect beast perform any of the three actions above, recover its stamina, and then do it again. The sect beast is the single biggest method currently to long term power up a single disciple above others.

The Sect Store

The sect store can be very useful. Don’t spend spirit stones for favor, save those things for the Aura Bottle later on, it can eat through them faster than Pac Man.

The sect store can provide very cost efficient resources, and often you can buy resources from the store just to fulfill another sect’s request for less points than you bought it for. A single reputation point buys you 100 T1 resources (Wood, Stone, Crude Iron) and 20 T2 resources (Plank, Brick, Iron Ingot.) It’ll get you 15 spirit stones. You can buy alchemy plants here, too. Don’t bother with martial arts, Ancient Wisdom, or Arti-Essence. Use the faith store.

Long term, the special buildings are very useful, but they require T2 and T3 resources, which you won’t have a good supply of until mid to late game.

Builds & Character Creation Tips

I presently prefer the Dipper body the most. I’ll explain further in.

I favor heavily untargeted area effect abilities right now. In the trial tower you get swarmed, and in the other game modes, the characters are not smart about moving to target enemies. Chain lightning effect and wide area effect things are king right now, as far as I can see.

Right now, I favor True Damage the most of all the stats. For one reason:

  • Once you level up the Faith store some, you will get access to the Heavenly Thunder martial art. The Chain ability is STRONG. It has the single best stat scale in the game currently, between 750% of your TD stat to 1350% of the stat if fully leveled up. And it triggers off other abilities with a 1s cooldown.
  • The Dipper body at character creation provides lots of True Damage. The Ferocious trait ability can be gotten from female disciples if you get their affinity up to 500.

The three martial arts I use presently.

  • Cang-Lan book: Provides tons of True Damage in the non-Trial Tower game modes, and great direct attack abilities.
  • Blade Flurry: Very important! Provides an 80% damage boost when things have the bleeding status effect. Huge. Also has the essential Unleashed ability. Similar to Chain, it triggers off other abilities and has a very short cooldown.
  • Heavenly Thunder: Chain! Single best ability in the game.

Trial Tower Build:

Give everyone Blade Flurry and Heavenly Thunder. Give everyone Chain and Unleashed.

Chain Upgrades:

  • +1 lightning bolt
  • +1 lightning bolt
  • +300% TD
  • +300% TD
  • +100% of 2 Stacks of Bloodlust (Gives more TD)
  • +100% of 2 Stacks of Bloodlust

Unleashed Upgrades:

  • +7 Wind Blades
  • +7 Wind Blades
  • +5 Wind Blades
  • +5 Wind Blades
  • +35 Wind Blade Damage
  • +35 Wind Blade Damage

Stack those on all three characters and you’ll obliterate everything. For upgrades, focus on +Spell Damage, +Metal damage, +HP%, +Magnetic. Kite everything around and blast it to pieces. If you get surrounded, hit space bar and run away.

Illusion Entrance Build:

Also the same. Equip the Cang Lan book lifesteal ability to keep your life up, favor short cooldown direct damage abilities.

Disciple Recruitment

Get tons of disciples and put them to work on getting you tons of resources, you can really never have enough. The eventual maximum number of disciples you can get is 130, and you can always get rid of disciples you don’t like later.

Male disciples can be given one of your traits at 500 affinity, including ones you’ve gotten from female disciples. Female disciples can give you one of their traits. There is a cap of 12 traits.

If you find a disciple you want to specifically make very powerful, it might be smart to turn off the Faith store for that disciple; they will make stupid decisions with how they buy things, and you need Contribution points to promote them to higher levels.

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