The Matchless Kungfu – How to Beat a Guy with 160 Spikes

Tips for Fight

There are several ways to do it. Conceal weapon no longer work against spikes since the last Night Crow update. However, my favorite method is using COLD skill card along with Art of Rejuvenation. Here are two videos I made showing Tai Chi Stand to strip the opponent’s moves while stacking on cold to nullify the NPC in the first round.

Second video shows using normal moves to stack cold and took slightly longer, but yield the same end result. To make this an effective setup, you’ll need “Snow Slayer” weapon, “Freeze” inner kungfu, “Art of Rejuvenation”, and “Snow-melting Sword”.

Use rejuvenation if you find yourself low on vigor and use snow-melting sword when your opponent have 20-40 stacks of cold. If you use rejuvenation before snow-melting sword you are guaranteed 100% win.

Cold vs Spike (Tai Chi Stand)

Cold vs Spike (Normal Moves Only)

Alternative Way

Using jade sting and a purple bamboo sword as a combo you get an insane amount of regen. Jade sting will proc the heal from bamboo sword with the poison damage + the damage you deal from moves and techniques.

To further reduce damage I use a bamboo hat and traveler pants which if you get a legendary version will net you around 30% less damage + modifiers.

Ive beaten almost everyone with it unless they have a lot of gang qi gaining moves (damaging this doesnt count as damage) or if they use fire which will burn your clothes after a point. against 16-20k guys I usually take very little damage.

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